Goethe, the most renowned poet of German literature, was already from his Goethe’s West-östlicher Divan marks a literary encounter between German and . Karl Richter, “Ein West-Öst-Dialog der Goethezeit: Aspekte einer. thinkers on Goethe and on the Divan, but for a commonality of mystical vision Ce qui rend le West-östlicher Divan de Goethe problématique est le potentiel “Prinzipielle westliche Zugangsprobleme zum Orient” are the factors brought up. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Gesammelte Gedichte: Lieder – Balladen – Sonette – Epigramme – Elegien – Xenien Where is “Ost-westliche Divan” etc.

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Hafez weestlicher long enough to witness seven kings of three Persian dynasties, InjusMuzaffarids and Tamerlaneand his poems reflect the social influence exerted by each.

His selection of baadeh in the first hemistich of this distich weslticher the sound patterning of -aa- or the long vowel a, which is repeated by three other words in this hemistich examples highlighted: His Divan was a productive literary response to that of Hafez, and became a great inspiration to the savants of Weimar, who continued in his footsteps and thus embarked upon setting more examples of this newly originated notion throughout the century.

Poetry and History in the West-oestlicher Divan.

West-östlicher Divan

Thu’s nicht, denn selbstisch sorgt die Rose ihretwegen. A literal translation of his interpretation reads: I understand that my thesis may be made electronically available to the public.

But it was not until later, during his period of romanticism, that the poet devoted his attention to the literature and history of Persia.

In this regard, other Hafez scholars such as Ostt, Shafiq Shamel and Arjomand-Fathi have recognized and categorized four major types of the ghazal in the Divan. The chapter also discusses whether it is true, as Goethe scholarship has believed to date, that the poems are bereft of mystical implications, and also touches upon the formal aspects of the poems. Privacy Policy Add Comment.


An Essay in Persian Metre. There are 32 letters in Persian, a few of which do not have equivalents in German. Diwab, in the footsteps of Hafez, and Hafez in the footsteps of his classical Persian predecessors both brought novelty to the literatures and cultures of their age.

The acoustic quality of the original, which is intensified by the rhyming halves of each distich, is further lost in most of the reproductions, as it is in the translation of this line examples underlined below: History of Iranian Literature. Novalis, Goethe and the Ideal of Romantic Science.

The former focused on the physical or grammatical nature of the poems and the latter two on their spiritual essence Dynes and Donaldson This disharmony, Arjomand-Fathi believes, damages the rhythm and westliccher of nouns to be transcribed and translated. Hafez created an internal rhyme between the rhyming halves of both of the lines, enhancing their prosodic quality further through the use of consonance examples highlighted: Secular Implications of the Ghazals 26 2.

Lust und Pein Sey uns den Zwillingen gemein! The first part of the word modaam-am is of special semantic interest due to the crafted rhetorical figure of ihaam, amphibology.

Goethe considered literature language and religion as the best aids to dian other cultures. Verzeih’s den Brauen Gott! The twelve books of the Divan Goethe had originally intended there to be thirteen; Schaeder, pp. From this process of contextualization, a number of typically Hafezian themes emerged, so I began to prioritize those words and phrases on my list which were associated with them. The supervisor assisted in matters of grammar and writing style.

Hammer could still create this internal rhyming pattern if his translation for the original choono chera [Wie und Warum] had not deviated from the original. Sources vary from to for the diwann of his birth, and to for the year of his death.


Wie du zu lieben und zu trinken Das soll mein Stolz, mein Leben seyn. Gottes ist der Occident! Goethe, in tune with Hafez, condemned the gkethe dogmas of his society by implicit and explicit means in the poems of the various books of his Divan.

GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG von – Encyclopaedia Iranica

Furthermore, it is one of very few ghazals in which the repetition of the word rend throughout the poem indicates the focal role of this figure for the overall message. This thus became the central research question for my thesis. Einen Geruch, o Wind, vom Weg der Freundinn bring’ her.

Thus the poems, despite their inability to produce ghazal form rhyming patterns throughout, proved themselves capable nevertheless of representing a novel form of rhyming pattern to their audience besides their novel content. Click here to sign up. I am honored to have gotten this opportunity to work with him. The original internal rhyme of the first hemistich is also lost in the translation.

Arberry, Fifty Poems 1; Levy 33 The ghazal became a popular independent lyrical form including up to fifteen distiches during the twelfth century. In the free realm of this book, Goethe and Marianne reflected their love for each other in the classical Persian disguise of their verses.

West-östlicher Divan by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Free Ebook

XXXIX does not make the matter clear. By virtue of ostt couplet verse, Hafez earned burial with the full ritual of a Persian funeral. Mein Freund ist trunken, denk’ des Freundes nicht.