Sensei’s Library, page: Go Databases, keywords: Software. SL is a large WikiWikiWeb about the game of Go (Baduk, Weiqi). It’s a collaboration. Kifu is the Japanese go term for game record, but its use is discouraged by some people, since the English game record works well. The recent. SL is a large WikiWikiWeb about the game of Go (Baduk, Weiqi). The idea is you add the moves on the kifu itself, ++ on the.

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Or indeed camera or why not a webcam could take the a picture every second. Quite a low proportion was published in book form; strong players used to make their own copies by hand of games to study.

Go game Shogi theory. Usually I would be able to piece together the game from the sheets.

Which one s do you recommend? Sat Mar 14, 7: But we don’t really need multiple methods of recording games, and if you intend your game records to be understandable by others it is better to use the existing system as it is used by millions throughout the Far East, in which handicap stones are not numbered.

Now, I also need an AI, hence this thread: Go Books Enjoy high-quality interactive books about the game of Go.

Go Databases at Sensei’s Library

Sat Mar 14, 9: Archived from the original on October 20, Has anyone ever used a digital camera, or a mobile kifuu with a camera, to record moves? Wondering about the lifu name? Wed Mar 11, 9: Read biographies of many of the players English only.

Last edited by lebigot on Thu Mar 12, 2: Allow to store favorites, easy way to share in blogs,forums, print game records. That makes replaying the game later a bit easier. Numbering in that style kicu untilhaving been popular in the s on the basis of nationalist feeling in Japan. Kif give you a game on http: I used a camera to take a picture of the final position and once during a game as a help for reconstructing the game.


In Japanese Go books, when unoccupied points of the board are mentioned in the commentary, they are usually labelled by hiragana in iroha order to this day. The number of each move is simply written on the location where it was played. Mark the handicap stones, if any, by simply drawing a black-filled circle for black stones, and an empty circle for white stones.

This section needs additional citations for verification. Replay moves and solve problems directly within diagrams. The playing-through on a Gl board of a game record given as a kifu on a single diagram is still a little taxing for a beginner player, because the next move has to be found. Then I draw out the board on the paper by hand by putting dots on the star points, and drawing a border freehand, just outside the edge of the 19×19 yo. About 95, of them have a professional, the remaining are amateurs and bots.

Go Databases

Hopefully the above details will help some. This is much more convenient in long kify fights, since all the moves that go into the ko are recorded in the same place. Now, this may seem like a detail, but in my experience developers who make efforts and offer some basic but important user interface features tend to have stronger products.

Any suggestion and remark would be greatly appreciated! Waltheri’s go pattern search – position search in extensive database of pro games.


Iifu are some sources of game records, of varying sizes and quality. The program then automatically analyzes vo images and creates a game record that you can edit and then export to SGF. I learn more from having a record of my “serious” games then I do from trying to remember three games at the end of the day.

In addition to replaying games move by move, you can view each game as a series of figures, with diagrams automatically illustrating comments and variations. Go games have been recorded for centuries using paper and pen. It’s not the only issue but essentially yeah, there isn’t a problem playing AIs if you’re exposed to a lot of human opponents regularly as well.

It was moves or so. Annotations by the side of the kifu give this information, usually in the form ’57 at 51′ or something comparable. Wed Mar 11, 2: The auto-level feature and real-rank features are also convenient.

Whether or not you use two colors, you may wish to circle the moves of one color, normally white, to distinguish them. Don’t take the kyu ratings on IgoWin HD very seriously. For example, you can adjust misplaced moves, insert a pair of moves, add comments, and email the game record to your opponent. On a similar note, I was playing a very informal game with a friend, and was eating potato chips as I played.