Low cost Glulam Portals have been successful in achieving a total saving of up to 13% in comparison to standard steel frame structures, when compared to the. Glulam frame of a roof structure. Glued laminated timber, also called glulam, is a type of structural engineered wood product The result was the first glulam portal. In , Hetzer moved his company to Ettersburger Strasse, still in Weimar. Key words: construction design, structure, three-pinned frames, long-span, . Glulam portal frames (reproduced from Handbook 1 – Timber structures. ).

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Glued Laminated Timber Comes to America. Furthermore, when using glulam it is possible to obtain larger cross-sectional dimensions and longer lengths than solid construction timber. Glulam manufactured in Sweden corresponds to strength classes in accordance with Eurocode 5. High resistance to fire — often a requirement in public buildings.

Automatic finger-jointing machines help cut the finger joints, connect and glue them together under pressure, allowing for a strong, durable joint, capable of carrying high loads comparing to natural wood with the same cross-section.

When dealing with wide spans, glulam products are the best choice for framing. Retrieved 19 April Pascha, Khaled Saleh, Hascher, Rainer, The high strength and stiffness of laminated timbers enable glulam beams and arches to span large distances without intermediate columns, allowing more design flexibility than with traditional timber construction.

Computer-controlled fabrication CNC allows architects and designers to cut glued laminated timber in unusual shapes with a high degree of porrtal. Glulam manufactured by other methods than according to the regulations contained in the codes, e. The use of finger joints with glulam allowed for production of glulam beams and columns on large scale.

Glulam has much lower embodied energy than reinforced concrete and steel, although it entails more embodied energy than solid timber. The glue used in glulam manufacturing has documented high strength and durability under long-term loading.


This section needs expansion with: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A case study comparing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and costs for roof beams portxl it takes two to portwl times more energy and six to twelve times more fossil fuels to manufacture steel beams than it portaal to manufacture glulam beams.

The architect Frank Gehrysuggested a design with fraame double-curved Yellow-Pine Glulam beams, and the ice rink was constructed in All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles to be flulam from May All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes.

Glulam construction

Here in [6] Otto Hetzer set up a steam sawmill and carpentry business in Kohlstrasse. Composite materials Engineered wood Timber framing.

Little energy is needed for the manufacture of glulam. Architectural design and construction No other building material can be compared with glulam for expressing architectural or structural possibilities. Glulam Glulam is the term used for beams, arches or columns consisting of several laminates of timber arranged parallel to the longitudinal axis of the member; the individual pieces being portsl with their grains approximately parallel and glued together to form a member which functions as a single structural unit.

Here is an example of Swedish glulam cross-sectional dimensions below. The development of resin glualm contributed to the wide use of glued frrame timber construction. In contrast with laser cutting machines, the cost-effective CNC machines carve the material using mechanical tools, like a router. Retrieved from ” https: You can help by adding to it. CNC machine tools can utilize up to five axes, which enables undercutting and hollowing-out processes.

Because of their composition, large glulam members can be manufactured from a variety of smaller trees harvested from second- and third-growth forests and plantations. A high strength to weight ratio, enabling wide spans. Glulam — glued laminated timber — opens up still further possibilities for wood building technology. Glulam finger joints were developed to provide broad surface area for gluing. Wood is one of the oldest construction materials in the world.

  EN 14276-2 PDF

Straight beams are manufactured with a constant cross-sectional dimension, mono-pitched or double-pitched. Other dimensions are also available depending on the factories’ capability. No other material has such a wide range of uses.

It compared two options for a roof structure of a new airport in Oslo, Norway — steel beams and glulam spruce wood beams.

Glulam also has a better strength to weight ratio than steel.

Long life in chemically demanding environments. The result was the first glulam portal.

Glulam construction

Advantages of using glulam An appealing aesthetic appearance which acts as a valuable addition to the interior and exterior environment. Each component, bonded under pressure, comprised three or more horizontally arranged laminations.

They are used by all of the countries that subscribe to the European Committee for Standardisation:. Glulam has many applications: In North America the material providing the laminations is termed laminating stock or lamstock.

Nevertheless, it showed that while the absolute greenhouse emissions are strongly dependent on the method used to calculate them, the environmental profile of glulam is typically as good or better than steel in an example structural application.

The invention of cold-curing synthetic resin glues in “Kaurit” solved these problems – resin glues, which are inexpensive and easy-to-use, are completely waterproof and enable high adhesive strength. A significant development in the glulam industry was the introduction of fully water-resistant phenol-resorcinol adhesive in The structure was built in Bern inand has subsequently been refurbished and extended. Modern glulam technology Wood is one of the oldest construction materials in the world.