The Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) is a main component of the GPRS network. The GGSN is responsible for the interworking between the GPRS. Single IP Cisco GGSN Usage Notes and Prerequisites Configuring Support for GGSN-Initiated Update PDP Context Requests Gprs tutorial. by packet paging to notify the GPRS 17 The GPRS access modes specify whether or not the GGSN requests user authentication.

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Dynamic or static IP address assignment. Moving from Wireline to Wireless and Mobile. However, the operation of a GPRS ggsnn may require a significant number of public IP addresses and the Internet Addresses registries are known not to give out many of them lately, so this may prove to be a hurdle in network operation.

With Reverse DNS lookup it is also possible to retrieve additional information and identify the current provider or tutoriwl geographic location information.

To work around this problem one might choose to enforce the usage of a specific DNS server by redirecting all DNS traffic via iptables: There is a location register within the SGSN and this stores location information e. If the expectations of MVPN services to become one of the mainstream cash generators for wireless service providers are ever realized, accounting data collection and billing information generation will surely become some of the most critical aspects in the successful and profitable delivery of MVPN services.

Packet Data Solutions

The few exceptions are:. The account setup and service sign-up methods for subscribers associated with the customer network must be part of the agreement. A number of new elements are needed for the network, but these can operate alongside the existing elements meaning that the GPRS capability is an upgrade to the network and not a completely new network structure.

The PCU itself may be a separate gysn entity, or ggsnn often these days it is incorporated into the base station controller, BSC, thereby saving additional hardware costs. All the databases involved in the network will require software upgrades to handle the new call models and functions introduced by GPRS.

This reluctance has, in essence, tutorlal the deployment of such a solution to date. This is also the network element that is key to providing advanced data services such as MVPN.

Also, packet handling behavior, policies, external servers IP addresses, host configuration information, and other information can be associated to the APN.

As a part of the roaming agreement, the way the GTP signaling integrity is guaranteed may be subject to negotiation and definition. These may include both Internet and X. There are more approaches to service selection and configuration, such as deriving the configuration information from the domain a user specifies together with the username, at logon time.


For the sake of avoiding this kind of tutoriao but unproductive debate, at least for those who kindly decided to read this book, we opted to use our own terminology, which we consider more appropriate. Networks entering into a roaming agreement need to specify what services the roamers are entitled to receive when in visitor mode, and also tuotrial to agree to rules governing the ways such services might be denied.

Which encryption and message header authentication algorithms are expected to be used Whether manual configuration or PKI infrastructure is used for authentication keys distribution Whether tunnel or transport mode is used Particular IPSec policies The IP addresses of the security gateways Password management criteria for L2TP tunnels should also be included.

What is mostly of interest here is: The second step is to allocate some timeslots to packet data. Latest news LoRa technology integrated in utility metering solution Four-in-one environmental sensor saves space and power MACOM debuts new ultra low phase noise amplifier Ericsson and Panasonic Avionics bringing connectivity to the skies Beeline chooses Broadpeak Solutions for Tutorila Everywhere service.

When a user is roaming using a home GGSN, accounting information at the GGSN is critical to record the usage data tuorial the home network independently of the visited network. User authentication in a home GGSN scenario is performed exactly as in the nonroaming scenario.

Who Should Read This Book. The following 4 authorization policy options are available: Increasing efficiency and reliability will reduce the opex costs.

Broadly speaking, this access method would map to Simple IP access mode in our taxonomy see below the section providing a detailed description of this access modeshould we elect to engage in terminology mapping.

This also assume the default It is not our intention here to provide an exhaustive list of what an SLA for MVPN may include especially considering that some tuorial these details had been covered in Chapter 5 ; however, we do once again want to stress its importance. Because of the high importance of roaming, the rest of the section focuses on enabling roaming for data services.

These costs are for general maintenance and other operational costs that may be incurred. These network access services can be broadly classified into: Although this is certainly not the most common ttorial for data VPN for corporate network access, it will play a tutrial role if access to application-specific VPNs is used ggsj support consumer services.


Note that so far we are at the early stages of the wide-scale deployment of international and national roaming capabilities we could expect for the future. Other solutions may require more customization of the GGSN node e. Service level agreements SLAswhich a UMTS Mobile VPN service provider defines with a customer, include business arrangements and tutorixl and legal clauses that are not relevant to technology and hence beyond the scope of this book.

Conversely, UMTS has been designed from the outset to support packet data services through its PS domain, so its performance is expected to be much more efficient and at a higher data rate than GPRS.

This has spurred a number of activities within the GSM Association International Roaming Expert Group IREG that helped in fine-tuning technical details in tuforial roaming to subscribers across networks, across countries, and for different services.

The Serving GPRS Support Node is responsible ggn authentication of GPRS mobiles, registration of mobiles in the network, mobility management, and collecting information on charging for the use of the air interface. This feature helps protect against denial-of-service DoS attacks.

The GGSN also collects charging information connected to the use of the external data networks and can act as a packet filter for incoming traffic. We also avoided trying to map this to the standards taxonomy, since again this would have required us to justify decisions taken in the standards, which appears to be quite a tutoral and difficult task and not necessary for the readers to fully master the matter and properly apply these solutions in the real world.

Availability of the MVPN service when roaming and associated roaming fees.

OpenBSC GPRS – Cellular Network Infrastructure – Open Source Mobile Communications

Let’s begin this section by focusing on the GGSN. Once you’re done with experimenting and ready for production setup it might be convenient to create systemd units so all the parts are started automatically. It also allows for the use of advanced authentication algorithms that will be developed over time, such tutogial smart cards and biometrics, that cannot reuse existing authentication methods such as PAP and CHAP as authentication information transport method.

This access mode, if accompanied by the usage of RADIUS Authentication or Accounting, can also be used to provide single sign-on by transferring session-related information to a services access layer that distributes the user identity and IP address used for mapping to hutorial.