This is a reprint of the English Translation of the Nyaya Sutras of Gautama by Mm . Dr. Ganganatha Jha, the versatile Sanskrit scholar who will ever be. Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire: Gautama’s Nyāya-Sūtra. Posted on 10 December The Nyāya-Sūtra inaugurates a tradition of logical and. Nyaya: Gautama’s Nyaya-sutra, with Vatsyayana’s commentary (Indian philosophy in its sources) [Gautama (Authority on Nyayasastra)] on *FREE*.

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All articles of CBE. In the Sarvadarsanasamgraha Nyfiya philosophy is called the Aksapdda system. See our Returns Policy.

Words are taken in their direct literal meanings in the case of ‘ quibble in respect of a tenh ‘ while they are taken in their direct literal as well as indirect secondary meanings in the case of c quibble in respect of a metaphor. Warning is the mentioning of a course of action the obstruction of which by somo particular person led to bad consequences, e. A particular word denotes a particular meaning, e. If we see a river swollen we infer that there has been rain, if we see the ants carrying off their eggs, we infer that there will be rain and if we hear a peacock scream, we infer that clouds are gathering.

It is, we reply, not so because the objects of other senses are not perceived by touch skin.

Full text of “The Nyaya Sutras of Gotama”

The Soul is the perceiver of all that brings pain and pleasure, the experiencer of all pains and pleasures, the knower of all pains, pleasures and their causes, the ground of consciousness, knowledge and cognitions. Gauyama is doubtful as to whether a sense is material or all-pervading because there is perception when there is contact with the eye-bull and there is perception even when the eye-ball is far off.

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Hinduism [79]. There are, some say, paradise, nymphs, Uttaraknrus, seven islands, ocean, human settlements, etc. Tt is the nose alone that cognises all sorts of odour— good or bad. If a person begins to argue in a way nyzya betrays his utter ignorance, or wilfully misunderstands and yet persists in showing that he understands well, it is of no avail to employ counter arguments. Sound is non-eternal because it begins or arises from the concus- sion of two hard substances e.


Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, myaya. In reply we say that it is not so. If perception nyayw supposed to occur posteriorly you cannot, lie continues, maintain the conclusion that objects of sense are established by perception.

The Nyaya-Sutras Of Gautama: With The Bhasya Of Vatsyayana And The Vartika Of Uddyotakara

The tenet is of four kinds nyyaa to the distinction between a dogma of all the schools, a dogma peculiar to some ‘school, a hypothetical dogma, and an implied dogma. It is, therefore, proper that we should examine the three times. It is possible that the motion belongs to the person who causes that obstruction of light which is called shadow.

But it is not so, for there is a distinction between them. The Nyayasutras dedicate many sections on causality and causal relations KaranaSanskrit: Philosopher and Grammarian Editors: However, the Nyayasutras and early Nyaya scholars rejected this hypothesis, and were non-theistic or atheists.

The work naturally became enormous in bulk and it is not surprising that it took for its completion so many years and so much energy of the author and as many as pages in print. A large part of the third book of gauatma Nyayasutras is dedicated to the premise and the nature of a Self soul, surra and its relation to knowledge, liberation from sorrow and inner freedom moksha.

Hence memory must be supposed to be a quality of a separate substance called soul endowed with a mind. Cashback will be credited as Amazon Pay balance within 10 days.

The answer is that though the word cow may not literally mean an individual we may refer to the same figuratively. In order to distinguish a cow-individual from a horse-individual, we must admit a genus called cow distinguished from a genus called horse.

If you assert non-perception of the veil though the non-perception is not perceived we, continue the objec- tors, assert the existence of the veil though it is not per- ceived. The first kind involves matter gauatma can be actually verified. Because there is nothing except colour, etc.

Some say that the means of right knowledge are more than four, because rumour, presumption, proba- bility and non-existence are also valid. It is situated 28 miles north-east of. There are three kinds of gautana, viz. Inference has reference to three times. Here from the reason there have been drawn two opposite conclusions, viz.


Nyāya Sūtras – Wikipedia

If letters underwent modification an increase of bulk in the original material would be attended by an in- crease of bulk in the modification. Had the ray of the eye possessed obviousness of colour it would have been perceived during the night when gauatma cannot be overpowered by the light of the sun.

So also the means of right knowledge may, if occasion arises, be also regarded as objects of right knowledge. Hence verbal testimony is not inference. Re-inculcation may consist of 1 the repetition of an injunction, or 2 the rep3tition of tint which his been enjoined.

But the substance, in which sound abides, cannot be the abode of any other qualities. We acknowledge that a word indicates a certain object, but we deny that the object is naturally or necessarily OonQQCted with the word.

If the body were soul sutta should be release from sins as soon as the body was burnt. This is absurd, hence the three kinds of quibble are different from one another. Nose, tongue, eye, skin and ear are the souses produced from elements. The memory of the past proves tlieprevious birth as well as the existence of the soul. Ganganatha Jha, the versatile Sanskrit scholar who will ever be remembered for his dedicated and selfless pioneer work and immense ustra in the field.

Quibble is the opposition offered to a proposi- tion by the assumption of an alternative meaning. This is, we reply, no opposition to our argument inasmuch as your illustration is inapt.

The translation of Vatsyayana was taken up in sheer “bravado,” if the use of such a term be permissible in this connection. Presents its theory of defects, then its theory that “everything has cause, and consequences”, and its “some things are eternal, some non-eternal” theory.