The great Mahasidda Tilopa said to Naropa: “Mahamudra cannot be taught.” The most The great Ganges river is used as a metaphor to describe Mahamudra. – Buy The Life of Tilopa and the Ganges Mahamudra book online at best prices in India on Read The Life of Tilopa and the Ganges. Tilopa (–) was born in either Chativavo (Chittagong), Bengal or Jagora, Bengal in India . External links[edit]. An English translation of “The Ganges Mahamudra” · Several English translations of “The Ganges Mahamudra”.

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Upon what does it rest? As I go on about that Mahamudra cannot be taughtso what are we doing here?

Tilopa’s Mahamudra Teaching to Naropa

Though we say “the mind is a bright light,” It is beyond all words and symbols. So that leads me to have the experience of thinking that the answer is that space depends on nothing and nothing depends on space.

Freedom from the bias of decision making is the supreme king of conduct. Clouds that arise and take form in the sky pass away quite automatically according to natural law. The Life of Shabkar: Mqhamudra you wish to attain or realize that which is beyond the intellect and is uncreated, then scrutinize your mind and strip awareness naked.

Natural Awareness: Mahamudra texts

It does not change because you do good or evil. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.


Likewise, if mind perceives mind, All mental activities will cease, you mahamudfa remain in a state of non-thought, And you will realize the supreme bodhi-citta. Gazing intently into the empty sky, vision ceases; Likewise, when mind gazes into mind itself, The train of discursive and conceptual thought ends And supreme enlightenment is gained.

The dream, the magic, makes no sense. This whole room with all the lights and stuff.

Since the Alaya is not born, No one can obstruct or soil it; Staying in the “Unborn” realm All appearance will dissolve Into the Dharmata, all self-will And pride will vanish into nought. And the main thing that we need to develop is capacity. Once their blessings enter your heart, your own mind will be released.

In the same way, if the root of mind is cut through, the branches and leaves of samsara will dry up. Do not talk or speak: The fool in his ignorance, disdaining Mahamudra, Knows nothing but struggle in the flood of samsara. To know what is Beyond both mind and practice, One should cut cleanly through the root of mind And stare naked. Likewise, cut the root of mind and the leaves of samsara wither.

In the same way, although we call the mind clear light or mahamdurasimply calling it so does not make it true that there is mabamudra any thing within the mind that is a true basis for that designation. It was translated and finally edited in this form by this pandita himself and the great Tibetan translator Marpa Chokyi at Pushpahari in the north [of India]. Sensations in your hands, the clothing touching your body.


And these refer not to treatises, not to long discussions, but the instructions that a teacher would give a student to practice. Go forth courageously to meditate in the real mountain wilderness, the wide open Mahamudra.

Tilopa – Wikipedia

Cut the root of the vine that chokes the tree, and its clinging tendrils wither away entirely. These things of samsara are meaningless or pointless, the causes of suffering. In the middle it is like the River Ganges, flowing slowly. Train and develop this and you will come to the deepest awakening. Finally spread it or cause it to pervade your whole body.

And that space depends on your hands. When you come to nothing to come to, you come to mahamudra. And since all of these things that have been done or made are pointless, look at that which is meaningful.