The Ganesha Sahasranama (Sanskrit:गणेश सहस्रनाम; gaṇeśa sahasranāma ) is a litany of the names of Hindu deity Ganesha (Gaṇeśa). A sahasranama is. Check out Ganesh Sahasranamavali by S. Prakash Kaushik on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on Check out Shri Ganesh Sahasranamavali by S. Prakash Kaushik on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on

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Vishnu Sahasranamam HD Audio. Hanuman Chalisa HD Sound. One major version appears in chapter I.

Ganesha Sahasranama – Wikipedia

Articles containing Sanskrit-language text. Ganesha likely emerged as a deity as early as the 2nd century AD, but most certainly by the 4th and 5th centuries AD, during the Gupta period, although he inherited traits from Vedic and pre-Vedic precursors. There are enough dahasranamavali so that the Bhaskararaya variant and the GP versions can be sahasrajamavali as distinct.

The source text Sanskrit: By using this sahasranamabali, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Brahma Purana and Brahmanda Purana are other two Puranic genre encyclopedic texts that deal with Ganesha.


This version provides an encyclopedic review of Ganesha’s attributes and roles as they were understood by the Ganapatya. Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom.

Rahu Kavach Stotram Mantra. Devotion to Ganesha is widely diffused and extends to Jains and Buddhists. Retrieved from ” https: As the god of beginnings, he is honoured at the start of rites and ceremonies. This page was last edited on 12 Marchat The Ganesha Sahasranama Sanskrit: Views Read Edit View history. A sahasranama is a Hindu hymn of praise in which a deity is referred to by 1, or more different names. Hindu mythology identifies him as the restored son of Parvati and Shiva of the Shaivism tradition, but he is a pan-Hindu god found in its various traditions.

There are two different major versions of the Ganesha Sahasranama, with subvariants of each version.

Ganesha Sahasranama

Hindu sects worship him regardless of affiliations. Ganesha is also invoked as patron of letters and learning during writing sessions.


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Ganapathi Sahasranamavali –

Stotras, ashtottaras, vedamantras, vratas, subhashitas in Kannada. In his opening remarks Bhaskararaya says that some will say that because the commentary is very brief it is inconsequential like a firefly khadyota but to devotees it will shine like the sun khadyota.

Now listen best Ambe Maa aarti offline. Although he is known by many attributes, Ganesha’s elephant head makes him easy to identify. A Sanskrit commentary on a subvariant of this version of the Ganesha Sahasranama was written by Bhaskararaya.

Satyanarayan Pooja HD Audio. Ganesha Sahasranamas are recited in many temples today as a living part of Ganesha devotion. Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam in legendary voice of M. Several texts relate mythological anecdotes associated with his birth and exploits and explain his distinct vanesh. In the Ganapatya tradition of Hinduism, Ganesha is the supreme deity.

Aarti Sangrah Audio in Marathi.