THE GRAIN AND FEED TRADE ASSOCIATION. GAFTA No ARBITRATION RULES Effective for Contracts dated from 1st March 20__. A note on the changes to Gafta Arbitration Rules. The new Arbitration Rules (Rules) came into effect from 1 September and have. The Grain and Feed Trade Association (“Gafta”) recently published a new edition of its Arbitration Rules No. (the “Gafta Arbitration Rules”).

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So far as concerns such notices, this Rule over-rides any other provisions of the contract.

Letter of Appointment as a Gafta Arbitrator. Although Gafta have attempted to alleviate the issues caused by quality and condition claims, it remains to be seen whether the new provision relating to samples Rule 2.

If the respondent does not agree to the appointment of a sole arbitrator and has instead appointed an arbitrator and given written notice thereof pursuant to Rule 3: The third arbitrator shall be the chairman of the tribunal so formed and his name shall be notified to the parties by GAFTA.

The new Arbitration Rules Rules came into arbitratikn from 1 September and have rulrs incorporated into all Gafta contracts from that date. As well as some more minor amendments, there are three significant changes which we discuss below: Articles 19 News Otherwise the tribunal may determine that the claim is waived and barred and refuse to admit it.

If you would like to learn how Lexology can drive your content marketing strategy forward, arbitratoin email enquiries lexology. An award made pursuant to this Rule shall be aritration and binding and no appeal shall lie to a board of appeal.

NEW GAFTA 125 RULES: give and take

Login Cart About Contact Search. Such notice shall be passed on with due despatch, in which case the time limit in Rule 10 shall be deemed to have been complied with. This power has also been extended to the appeal board Rule The new provision also provides a formula for assessing such costs. Where two arbitrators have been appointed, GAFTA shall appoint a third arbitrator on receipt of the first statements and arbtration submitted in accordance with Rule 4, or, adbitration interlocutory or interim decisions are required of a tribunal, upon the application of either party.


Gafta Arbitration

The Respondent shall, on receipt of the Appellant’s statement and any documents, issue a concise statement of his case together with supporting documents. There shall qrbitration no appeal to the board of appeal against the decision of the tribunal to exercise its discretion to admit a claim.

Login Register Follow on Twitter Search. The tribunal shall, on the application of either party, made before the arbitration award is made, have the power to extend the time for appealing in any arbitrstion in which it considers it just or necessary so to do.

The tribunal will assess and award costs at the conclusion of the arbitration. The Appellant then has the right, on receipt of Respondent’s statement and documents, to issue a statement in reply. Download Gafta Arbitrator Directory pdf. Changes to the Rules Some of the most important changes to the Rules of Arbitration are summarised below: Where the first tier award was made by a tribunal of three arbitrators, then the board of appeal shall comprise of five members.

In the event of an oral hearing the parties may be represented by one of their employees, or by a qualified arbitrator who has not previously acted in the case or by a representative, but they may not be represented by a solicitor or barrister, or other legally qualified advocate, wholly or principally engaged in private practice, unless legal representation is expressly agreed.

Where there is gata such agreement between the parties they are nevertheless free to engage legal representatives to represent them in the written proceedings but not to appear on their behalf at oral hearings. This no-nonsense approach will be welcomed by many.


Effective for contracts dated from 1st January Gafta No.

Gafta Arbitration Rules

In which event the parties may be represented by one of their employees, or by a GAFTA Qualified Arbitrator or other representative, but they may not be represented by a solicitor or barrister, or other legally qualified advocate, wholly or principally engaged in private practice, unless legal representation is expressly agreed.

Where the tribunal considers that an oral hearing is necessary, the date, time and place will be arranged by GAFTA.

Not later than the 9th consecutive day after service of the notice referred rabitration in a above, the respondent shall either; i serve a notice on the claimant stating that he agrees to the appointment of a sole arbitrator by GAFTA, or ii appoint an arbitrator to a tribunal of three arbitrators and yafta on the claimant a notice of the arbitrator so appointed, in which case Rule 3: Going forward, we will, through the Arbitration Committee in particular, keep the Rules under regular review and any member who has any comments is invited to contact me direct.

Service on the brokers or agents named in the contract shall be deemed proper service under these Rules. GAFTA will notify the parties of the names of the members of the board of appeal. Awards on Different Aspects Where the arbirration decides during the course of an arbitration to make an award dealing finally with one or more aspects of the dispute, but which leaves to be decided by the tribunal other aspect s of the dispute, arrbitration may make an award which shall be final and binding as to the aspect s with which it deals, subject to any right of appeal pursuant to Rule