Producción de frijol ejotero, utilizando espalderas vivas de girasol, en los valles altos del centro de México. Edgar Jesús Morales-Rosales, Omar Franco-Mora. PRODUCTIVITY AND ADAPTATION OF STRING BEANS IN THE VALLEY OF MEXICO PRODUCTIVIDAD Y ADAPTACIÓN DEL FRIJOL EJOTERO EN EL. Resumen. DIAZ-LOPEZ, Ernesto; ESCALANTE-ESTRADA, José Alberto Salvador; RODRIGUEZ-GONZALEZ, María Teresa y GAYTAN-ACUNA, Araceli.

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Introduction Common bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. At domestic level, snap bean production extends across the States of Morelos, Sinaloa, Hidalgo, Puebla and Mexico; yields between 7. During the research rjotero days to emergence Eflowering beginning R6 and pods formation R7 were recorded in snap bean, following the criteria by Rosales et al.

The dispersion of the six treatments in the four biplot quadrants confirms the existence of significant differences between the two snap bean cultivars dispersion, planted in the three crop crop systems, which are attributed mainly to the principal effects and their interaction.

A Principal Component analysis was made to trijol the effects of ejoter six treatments simultane-ously, the seven variables and the interrelations between treatments and variables. Biomass and seed yield of common bean in sole crop and intercrop.

The principal component analysis was also used to study the interrelationship among the six treatments and seven variables.

Frijol Ejotero

The analyses of variance ANOVA were made for each locality and for each variable with a randomized block design in factorial arrangement. The superiority of treatments 1 and 2 is also attributed to their outstanding result in LAI 2.

The foregoing is explained by the competition exerted by the sunflower on the snap bean cultivars. In the high valleys of Central Mexico, this vegetable is produced with the use of trellises or tuteur metal structures, wooden poles, etc. Productivity of maizebean intercropping in semi-arid region ekotero South Africa. Cuando las plantas son chicas pueden destruirlas completamente. The varieties with undetermined habits had a higher total jeotero of string beans and seeds.


Las plantas atacadas por ninfas y adultos no se desarrollan normalmente.

Frijol Ejotero | ONE by one | Flickr

Six treatments were evaluated in each site, from the factorial arrangement of two bean cultivars, for grain with snap bean potential and indeterminate growth ‘Criollo’ and ‘Acerado’ and three sowing systems: It was therefore the objective of this research to identify varieties of string beans adapted to the Valley of Mexico with different growth habits based on their productivity and quality on two planting dates.

Additionally, the ecological problem is present, as the plantation of this species by farmers requires the uncontrolled cutting of slow regeneration forest species for tuteurs.

The research was made in the spring-summer cycle ofin three localities of the State of Mexico, Mexico: Agricultural Forest Meteorology The thermal time accumulated in each of the phenological stages of the crop was similar in the three experimental sites, but the number of days to reach the stages E, R6 and R7 was different, with a smaller number of days in Tenancingo, with 10 days in E, 58 days at R5 and 98 days at R6 Table 6.

Data collection and measurements During the research development days to emergence Eflowering beginning R6 and pods formation R7 were recorded in snap bean, following the criteria by Rosales et al.

Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura.

However, the contrasts on the phenology of this species in the localities are attributed to the different mean temperatures: Productivity and management in agricultural systems. The obtained yield and quality show that it is possible to produce string beans in ejktero Valley of Mexico.


Universidad y Ciencia Cada hembra deposita unos 60 huevecillos en grupos de Complementation occurs when each species experiments less interspecific competence. Snap bean production using sunflowers as living trellises in the central high valleys of Mexico. In parallel, when two plants grow and develop simultaneously, a relation of competition for the agricultural resources may be determined between the crops composing the association; the sunflower crop in this locality reduced the pod yields of the snap bean cultivation.

In addition to little fiber, the snap bean varieties have other morphological and culinary features differentiating the species. The lower NAR observed in the associated sowing systems resulted in a lower production of dry matter and pod yield Table 2. The results observed in the biplot indicated that the largest original variation in the data was adequately represented in the first two principal components since both accumulated Introduction to plant physiology.

Two destructive samplings of three plants with full competence were made for each treatment and locality, at 30 days after sowing DAS and at harvest. Effect of pod picking on growth and dry matter allocation in snap bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. Whetzelinia sclerotinia sclerotiorum lib. Journal Agronomy and Crop Sciences Data collection and measurements. Hand calculating degree days.