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Steve Lindsey, David Andarle Wr: It was arranged for Brooks to call Garabo and Murphy one day, supposedly out of the blue, to welcome them to L. Pre- vious Country experience as music director pre- ferred. The elements that comprise our sound haven’t changed that much since then, although the artists have.

Each banner is printed on high quality, sunstabilized, 4 or 6 mil plastic film from 3 inches to 36 inches in width. And today, the planet moved closer to the same basic guarantee.

Furao Catlogo Kennametal

Though the cars bear the Arista logo, we bet label head Tim DuBois gets f0r600 bit nervous every time he hears those engines roar. Provide innovative solutions to problems and develop new ideas. When a racial incident occurs, we’re always careful to make sure it’s handled fairly – that as many viewpoints [as possible] are given, that we watch out for potential flashpoints, and that the topic is retired before it’s overdone.

Columns one and two indicate spring -spring fluctuation and market rank. No phone calls, please. The film opens September 3. Adams, 33 Sillect Ave. According to a source familiar with the debate over the new rules, Commissioner Andrew Barrett is pressing for a hike in EEO penalties that exceeds the level acceptable to acting Chairman James Quello.

  CAJ 2446 Z PDF

The operation is set to hit the air in mid – to late- September.


It also outlined its criteria for foema licensees some slack when they break the rules. But, the agency added, harsher penalties were not in order because Infinity appears to have reined in Stern since January – the date of the last actionable indecency complaint received by the agency.

These promotional announcements can be prerecorded, but they should sound live. We are looking for some very creative people. Nighttimer Eric Lindstrom takes over MD duties He was the gentleman who was in charge during the Waco situation.

The first single, “Cowboy Boogie,” was issued last week.

The NAB expressed satisfaction with the downward revisions but remains dissatisfied with the fact that the FCC implemented both the ‘9 and ’93 policies without seeking public comment. All Top 0 videos also receive heavy rotation. Bridgewater Broadcasting Company Inc. They generally don’t test well with our core audience, which comes to us for a relief from AC. The King greets them by playing bass while watching TV.

Curtis and Parr had teamed up to fill in during morn- R. This range must be considered when measuring ratings trends. Christopher Murray of Panama City, acquiring a 4.

Present “instant gratification” in a contest by awarding pizzas on the lunchtime show, and actually have the pizza fforma immediately. Actually go on the air and explain how to use your product. During the same timespan, consumer spending on bottled water rose 0. Turner was playing guitar by 4 and taking his first stab at song – writing. Heavy 0, Medium 0, Light 7. Greeser Publishing, Longitude Music Co.



What good company or PD will come here when that’s happen – ing? Usually involving heavy rains, this severe tropical cyclone – whose term was culled from the Carib huracan or furacan – usually begins in the equatorial ft0600 of the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea.

She will be responsible for coordination of all Giant international releases and the development of overseas market- Markhelm ing and promotion plans in conjunction with Giant’s overseas distributor, BMG International.

Factors such as the multi-week cume index portray radio in a more realistic light, proving that the medium delivers reach as well as frequency. The calls and the mail we’ve received talking about fr060 interest in the community is a true vote of confidence in what we’re trying to do.

The overall strategy should consider establishing periods of fomra or “heavy -up” advertising, as well as m Radio is often considered a difficult medium to buy