FORM 50A. Way bill for transport of consignment of goods despatched from Outside West Bengal to any place inside West Bengal. [See rule. (Form 50A) has to be generated and document to be printed 9. 40 days of entering the state of West Bengal on clicking the link ‘Waybill Utilisation’ after login. Friends need Help Me Am trying to get West Bengal Form50A online thru http:// but each time its rejected.

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NIC even e-tender helpdesk is their.

Dematerialised Waybill

No problem from WB Govt. Many lesser known couriers accepting consignment without waybill are just taking chances. Since we started dorm Midnapur at early morning and lunch time was approaching, I lost my temper and demanded an explanation why this wasn’t mentioned online, why I needed to pay more security when entry tax was already paid. An early reply will be highly appreciated on my direct mail i.

Hi, I am an electronics hobbyist, although not into RC and not an engineer, have worked on few PIC microcontroller projects. I also flatly told the Sr. He also asked details about the product.

Yes, and consignee has to generate it and supply it to the courier company. Although I could not get from the definition at Page 16 if I can call myself a casual dealer.



Instruction for generation of Waybill

I thought this thread now needs a GST update. Not faced any problem so far. I think you have understand.

He gave as a format for the bond. How is the end user supposed to know all these things unless the couriers inform us? Since most online sellers do not insist upon waybills any longer, has there been a change in the law? How to get it? Any toll free number for help related to Waybill form generation. If your goods get seized by chance, you have to pay heavy penalty to release it.

Hopefully this mess will get sorted out by FY I was helpless and had to pay the tax as I already paid the seller benval the product.

December 01, HiWe are trying to send our orders from UP to West bengal to our customers and we need form 50a for the same! I tried calling the numbers listed in the fprm but no one picks them up.

Also Page 37, Section 15, last line of VAT Act rudely says “Provided that the burden of proving that any purchase effected by a casual dealer is not liable to tax shall be on such casual dealer”. Now, if this is true then what about the hundreds of items that I have purchased so far and did not have to pay any tax VAT vorm Entry Tax at all?


Form 50A WayBill West Bengal

Luckily my father had some contact person there, who helped us break the bureaucratic ice a lot. Since it wst for my personal use I did exactly like what you are doing going for Category B but 3 days it was rejected. I really thought this info should be out in public domain.

However if you are not using Digital Sign.

Is there any time limit after which the application is approved and I can get that SMS key? I tried searching on internet but no luck, then a friend of mine asked me to go online into their site. So I thought all such problems regarding waybill have been resolved.

Can end users generate waybills through the online link at http: We are trying calling to WB Office and sending them emails qest of no use. Will ask some one to visit there tomorrow.