Homeland is a fantasy novel by American writer by R. A. Salvatore, the first book in The Dark Elf . The comics adaption of Homeland, volume 1, received a positive review from George “Homeland: The Legend of Drizzt Book 1”. sfsite. com. THE LEGEND OF DRIZZT. Homeland Dark corridors meander throughout the dark realm in winding courses, connecting became an old and forgotten tale. Alternative view 1 of Forgotten Realms: Homeland (Legend of Drizzt #1) Child of the Northern Spring: Book One of the Guinevere Trilogy.

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Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt Vol. 1 – Homeland

Jun 28, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: He’s pretty whiny, to be frank, and the altruism within him that Salvatore makes too obvious is not terribly believable, given the circumstances of his up-bringing – essentially being brainwashed and beat into submission at a young age to learn his place in Drow society.

His saving grace The one thing that saves this review from actually being overall negative this in spite of my Drizzt obsession while I was a young teen is the action. Should you read Homeland? Fantasy fans looking for an action romp. View all 19 comments. Mass Market Paperbackpages. There is absolutely no mercy; the drow except for our beloved Dizzt of course are wholly obsessed with power and title will do whatever it takes to get more of it.

You can feel his inner struggles trying to fit in, but at the same time refusing to go completely murderous and villainous as the rest of his race. Zaknafein, having similar morals to Drizzt, believed he had killed the child, but Lolth knew he allowed the child to survive and House Do’Urden fell out of the Spider Queen’s tenuous favor.

Views Read Edit View history. If anyone starts reading this book and finds it a little hard to get into at first, I would definitely recommend you stick with it, as you will be greatly rewarded.

View all 9 comments. Dark Sun Dark Sun: But maybe this is the other side of nature vs nurture debate? So was Drizzt, somehow, genetically defective? Born inSalvatore is a native of Massachusetts and resides there with his wife Diane, and their three children, Bryan, Geno, and Caitlin. View all 6 comments. Granted it would be hard to write that scene from Drizzt’s perspective, but that challenge is the heart of fiction: The snake headed whips are about as awful as they sound.


My favorite sections in this one are those between Drizzt and his father Zaknafein these names are like bad scramble hands-thanks mst3k Zak like his son is cursed with morals in an immoral society.

Salvatore had an acceptable reason as to why this would be the case. Full review to come after I leged some more Drizzt books. In the original trilogy, Drizzt gets himself a proper nemesis, the assassin Artemis Enterei, with whom he fights dozens of times in over a dozen novels, and each and every one of those fights is solid gold. He turns out to be a very gifted sward master and from the age of 15 to about 30 is given into the military Academy, where he proves to be as good as his promise.

Drizzt is a dark elf, a Drow, raised in the caverns of the Underdark far beneath the surface of the Forgotten Realms. Perhaps this is a result of the adaptation, but it seems as though every other character was intentionally marginalized to make the main character seem more interesting.

Salvatore’s world building and the flowing quality of his storytelling. I find her the most compelling character of the book, though she is only a minor player in the grand scheme driszt there is a grand scheme in this book – several, actually. Where does he get these morals?

View all 11 comments. The action focuses, of homelanr, on Drizzt, the young dark elf born at the height of a battle in which his “house” is in the process of destroying another “house”.

This book had been on my to-read list for almost two decades before I finally decided to give it a chance. Medieval books are not exactly a frequent occurrence in comics. But after ignoring the pleas of rewlms fans and personal friends for years upon years, my eventual reading of Homeland was one of utter disappointment. The women have no qualms about demanding respect, and beating or killing off those who hold them back. They knew that the only way to rectify the situation was to offer Drizzt up as a sacrifice to Lolth.

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They are just -begging- for some fight choreographer to go to town on them.

I can understand why so many people love Og so legned, he is a character of much gravitas and despite his brilliance in combat, he has a good heart. To put it simply, drows who are less evil than Sauron, Shai’tan, and Wicked Witch of the East rolled in one simply do not survive for long.

Into this society, Drizzt Do’Urden is born, a drow with rare violet eyes and a conscience. A well-rounded prequel, it takes you deep into the kingdom of Menzoberranzan where dark elves rule with unabashed cruelty.

Other books in the series. Methinks thou hast bitten off more than thou canst chew. Salvatore has really opened a can of worms here. While his action-packed stories are perhaps a little lacking in deep character development, the sheer quality of the action more than makes up for it. Feb 01, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: Spending the remainder of the summer in the middle of the Norwegian mountains with very little I needed to get done, it seemed like the ideal time to go on some adventures with Drizzt.

Homeland by R.A. Salvatore

This was narrated by the dependable Victor Bevine who did a great job. If you’ve tried Dungeons and Dragons or Forgotten Realms type of novels before and you weren’t particularly fond of the excessive amount lsgend characters, races, monsters, boring 1-dimensional villains, the straight-forward plot and so on, then not to worry – I wasn’t a huge fan of those either.

It was for the most part a fairly traditional coming of age fantasy of good vs evil. But, due to the nature of the genre, Salvatore never had a chance.

Some of the dialogue was a bit cheesy, book I think the world building more than made up for that. My fav parts are: I’m not sure if I should be sad that I have only discovered this series now, or happy that I have so many wonderful books to look forward to.

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