This is our collection of freestyle footbag moves, collected over the years and contributed by various footbag players. Thanks in large part go to Adrian Dick. This hacky sack expert will show you a variety of different moves and tricks as well as introduce you to a few different games to play in the footbag hobby. Footbag, more commonly known as Hacky Sack (a name trademarked by and stalls used that form the foundation kicking with a group or performing tricks.

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Paradox Illusion 3 adds.

Hacky Sack Tricks List – Toy Skills

Dimwalk Pixie Opposite Side Butterfly 4 adds. From a right clipper delay- hop over the footbag with the left without putting the right leg down. From a right clipper delay- plant the right foot and then hop off it bringing the right foot around the footbag in a whirling motion- ending in a left clipper delay. Although many people may be familiar with the term Hacky Sack, it is actually an incorrect name for the sport, and is a trademark.

Execute a pogo set from your right clipper- then bring your right around the footbag from in to out- in a paradox mirage motion then hop to the right- bringing your left leg over the footbag from out to in- ending in a right clipper delay. The BACK dexterity is performed by bringing the foot around the bag from the back and then up and over the top.


You must in this case circle the footbag from the left of the footbag to the front and finally to the right ending on a left toe delay. Paradox Blender 5 adds. From a right toe delay- set the bag straight up and circle the bag twice from out to in- hop off the left leg as your bring the right leg down and catch on a left leg clipper delay.

Ripstein Double Swirl 4 adds. Head Stall 1 add. From a right clipper delay bring the left leg over the footbag by turning your hips to the left. Adam Kellett Stall the bag on your neck, pop it up and over your head to stall on your chest.

Opposite of a pendulum. Flurricane Gyro Flurry 5 adds. Stepping Whirling Swirl 5 adds.

Hacky Sack Tricks List

If you’re tired of buying your footbags, aka Hacky Sacks, and you want to create your own awesomely designed footbag, this video will walk you footbqg the steps of doing it. Fusion Atomic Double Over Down 5 adds. Shooting Butterfly 6 adds. In this one, the player stalls the Hacky Sack on the outside part of his foot.

Retrieved from ” https: Haze Stepping Double Legover 4 adds. Just as your leg is heading back down to the ground- hop off the left leg- turn out of the move scooping the bag into a left osis. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tombstone Stepping Drifter 4 adds. Players are eliminated and the winners progress to the next round, just like in the single-elimination tournament.

Footbag How To and Tricks

It’s basically a pixie-threading set smear. In this, a group attempts to get a normal hack. Double Spinning Osis 5 adds. Looks kind of weird, yet stylish at the same time. Wind Up submitted by: Paradox Whirling Swirl 5 adds. Heel Delay 2 adds. Pixie Swirl 4 adds.


Similar to a dyno except the swirl is done rticks the other foot.

tricms Right toe set- left leg in to out dexterity- right leg in to out dexterity- left toe delay. Double Around the World 3 adds. Set a clipper delay across your body- bring the setting leg from behind the support leg around the footbag in a Paradox Whirl motion.

Use your cheek at first to help to catch the footbag.

If cherry juice and curling your toes didn’t help you fall asleep right away, as recommended in my previous post of 8 Weird Tips to Help You Fall Asleep, then here are some more unconventional tips and tricks you can try to help you start nodding away into dreamland ASAP. Stepping Ducking Paradox Blender 7 adds. Components can fpotbag spins, dexterities wrapping a leg around the bag in mid-airor ducks letting the bag pass a few inches above the neck.

See how many you can do in a row!

Spinning Clipper 3 adds. This player then receives a ‘b. However, a person receives a red dot if they break rules. Stalling the footbag on the forehead is involved here. Delay the footbag on the inside surface of the foot. Chess Games for Kids.