The Duke of Jervaulx was brilliant and dangerous. Considered dissolute, reckless, and extravagant, he was transparently referred to as the ′D of J′ in scandal. It’s Laura Kinsale at the top of her game – or anybody else’s, for that matter. I read Flowers From the Storm 4 times and each time was as heart wrenching as. flowers from the storm Oh yeah, and I read Laura Kinsale’s Flowers from the Storm and never looked at linguistics, illness, communication.

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In addition to living with a religious… enthusiastfor lack of a better word, I have this fear of something happening to me that will leave me unable to communicate with those around me. Feb 07, Bill rated it it was amazing. And I witnessed how his life turned upside down. It immediately set up one of my bulletproof kinks: Here, let me demonstrate how not crazy I am by grabbing you by the throat while I carve a mathematical equation into the table with a straight razor!

The main sexual act is not as long as in most romance books. Floweers only language his mind can focus on is mathematical – and when Maddy returns to him in secret with the answer to his equation, he surprises them both by speaking his first words since his stroke – ” cosine function. I love all her books, but since reading the sequel to For My Ladies Heart featuring a grown up Allegreto, he haunts my thoughts. So kinsalf you enjoyed it, Mandi!

Flowers From the Storm is my forever read. I still wont throw it away. You can go to http: I felt like screaming in frustration when tne one could understand him.


Insufficient and vague punishment got just a passing reference. As well as the fabulous fantastic old Jane Eyre. It never explores the transcendence of love with this kind of power and emotion.

Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale

Let me show you the issues they have. The thing is, I still cry just as hard or harder, than I did the first time. As different as chalk and cheese. The same thing applies for another Kinsale “The Shadow and the Star.

So that was the first arc of the book — Maddie as advocate for Christian inside the asylum. I have vague memories of a very taciturn, somewhat stern grandfather from when I was very little.

Flowers From The Storm || Books || Laura Kinsale

I always go back to the Duke. I didn’t understand why his mother wanted him locked up unless it was because she was heavily influenced by her son in-laws who were just waiting to grab all the loot.

I seem to download the wrong stuff… Hasta el ultimo capitulo no deja de ser una falsa santurrona que se me hace insoportable todo el tiempo juzgando las acciones pasadas, presentes y futuras del protagonista. I was also touched by the end where she was reading the letter aloud and called it fornication and he said no, it was love and then he waited two hours instead of 5 min.

Many years later, many—out of nowhere, the thought came to me that my grandmother had been right.

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In the good way, honest. I worked for some years with handicapped adults and I think you were very faithful to reality. He had not lost his reason. View all 3 comments.

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The Book I’ll Never Reread: Laura Kinsale’s FLOWERS FROM THE STORM

As a Christian myself, it added another dimension to ponder as I read. That’s when Maddy first meets the duke. So, perhaps it is wiser to dedicate myself to my next career in writing rather than pursuing teaching as I had contemplated…. The abject frustration Jervaulx felt at always being on the edge must have been horrific.

I frequently fork over the cash for audiobooks of ones I love. From their religious activities, the Meetings, the way they dress and speak, and other particular details of The Religious Society of Friends in the s, such as they did disown those who married non-Quakers.

Sometimes she’s also a little too mean for my liking I had to catch up on laundry, mail and make nice with my family for disappearing for those 3 days. Ah, I thought you’d like this one. She’s used to being told what to do, to obeying the precepts of her religious elders, to sitting in silence and allowing God to speak to her during the Meetings.

I have to shut up now. Seeing Jervaux struggle for words and interpretations… I felt a raw compassion from him from the start that was not expected.