FLIR T Infrared Thermal Camera. This product is now dioscontinued – Please view other cameras in the T Series. The FLIR T-Series of portable infrared. FLIR T Infrared Camera with Picture-in-Picture and Thermal Fusion. Multifunction ”. Touch Screen. Picture-in-Picture (PiP). ° lens rotation. Panorama. FLIR Tools is a powerful, free software solution that allows you to quickly import, edit, and analyze images, and turn them into professional PDF inspection.

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You have 0 items in your basket. Must Read Guidebooks Booklet: They feature immediate high-resolution thermal imagery, which reveals potential structural and moisture issues, energy efficiency and even rodents or pests.

Detect hidden problems, make quick damage assessments Check for overheating of electrical panels and transformers Avoid electrical failures Identify faults in heating and cooling systems Find problems with motors, fans and bearings Generate reports, analyze and document your findings with the easy-to-use software Camera specific Flir T-Series Camera Comparison: The guidebook is written for everyone with an interest in the use of thermal imaging cameras for building and renewable energy applications.

Although infrared radiation IR is not detectable by the human eye, an IR camera can convert it to a visual image that depicts thermal variations across an object or scene. Position is displayed automtically on the IR image.


Flir T425 Thermal Imaging Camera

Wrist Strap 1 no. Proviso Systems Ltd Login.

And be sure to ask for an onsite demonstration to see firsthand why T Series is the ultimate way to unleash the power of FLIR. Hansford Sensors and Accessories 16 Apr Sketch Annotations Use the touch screen as a pen and paper to g425 sketch’s to your image.

The measurements are displayed on the screen and then captured when you save the image. Who uses thermal imaging cameras?

FLIR T Infarot Wärmebildkamera –

Wordwide perspectives Through our wide ranging partnerships and distributor agreements we are able to cater to all markets and customer requirements. E Sawmill Machinery Alignment 22 Sep Automated IR infrared radiation imaging offers the potential for improving a host of industrial production applications, including process monitoring and control, quality assurance, asset management, and fli condition monitoring.

Enpac Data Collectors 06 Jan T Thermal Imaging Camera. Local adaptation of units, language, date and time formats; automatic shutdown, display flor. Thermal imaging guidebook for automation applications Automated IR infrared radiation imaging offers the potential for improving a host of industrial production applications, including process monitoring and control, quality assurance, asset management, and machine condition monitoring.

Wireless Connection Boxes 06 Jan flif Bluetooth Headset 1 no. The FLIR T Thermal Imaging Camera does this in foir time and the overlay function can be easily adjusted to suit any application such as electrical surveys, building diagnostics, and mechanical inspections.


Readings from the meters get recorded right on the camera’s images. SD MemoryCard 1 no. Also the renewable energy sector has discovered the benefits of thermal imaging cameras.

They are successfully used for detecting insufficient insulation in buildings, identified as one of the highest opportunity areas for decreasing the greenhouse effect, as well as flid environmentally dangerous gas leaks. Intrinsically Safe Enclosures 08 Jan Yardsticks and tape measures have now definitely had their day – Leica instruments have transformed work practices flkr the building trades.

IR image shown above, below or within temp interval on visual image. Please enter your email address below if you would like to receive news about new products or regulation updates.

Flir’s engineers have translated user feedback on comfort and clarity into a series of comprehensive and innovative features. Numerous industries worldwide have discovered the advantage of incorporating infrared cameras in their industrial processes and programs.

Picture-in-Picture PiP Fully scalable and moveable function for overlaying the infrared image on the visual image while retaining all measurement data. Popular What is Vibration Analysis? On the Flir T the laser market is also fpir on the IR image itself for accurate positioning.