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They imagined monsters, battles and demons our CG would still struggle to make. It’s an art form in itself and one with considerable responsibility. That is an interesting point you make, considering Tecjnique himself has described the editing process as the most important in film making. But i all fairness, George was one of those editors. I think it’s super important to get back to the basics. You edit the footage, not the script. Set and cutting room are both playgrounds of infinite possibilities too and some great details may very well be discovered there, in the process.

Pudovkin’s Montage: 5 Editing Techniques That Speak Louder Than Words

Kubrick being a well read man who is keen his craft would undoubtedly have studied it himself. And their fascination with moving things gives amazing depth to the frames because it was the essence of moving things that they could finally communicate. You Might Also Like Watch: Isn’t this the thing that the theory should be addressing?

He was not just flim theorist, however, and his contribution to cinema is anything but academic. These pioneering books made clear at once that movie making need no longer flounder for a methodol ogy or for its own standards.

Apart from directing, screenwriting and acting, Pudovkin was also an educator and a journalist, author of several books on film theory, professor at VGIKpresident of the cinema section at VOKS since and a member of the Soviet Peace Committee. From Wikipedia, the pudvokin encyclopedia. This “aesthetic for retards”” is why we have movies like Battleship Potemkin, French new wave movies and directors like Akira Kurosawa influencing later directors such as Spielberg, Techniqje, Coppola, Scorsese.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Pueovkin Policy. The story flim there An assembly line of technicians would hook and unhook the operator’s vest to various pulleys and cables that spanned floors and building roof tops.

Essentially, it is a foundation to cinematic language. The Russians adored editing. Your comment is uninformed and quite conceited.

Vsevolod Pudovkin

Pulleys and cables that spanned floors and roof tops? Since it is around Halloween, I would suggest to anyone who hasn’t seen it tdchnique check out Hitchcock’s Rope.

It is the process of putting the movie together. So the flying bone is a notional parallel with the space station, or a contrast pudvkin both This is Pudovkin most famous film, “Mother” And those may not have been their best stories!

As a script writer it gives you more tools to tell your story. He dilm doomed as the ice is carried very fast – he’ll never make it – but he does, and the film moves to its historically-determined climax. Rosenblum “saved” the film. The elements were explained in such a way that allowed the reader to come to their own conclusions, while still providing a well defined framework of ideas.

Why do you think nearly every movie you Spielberg keeps using Michael Kahn? This was a good read, and has a lot of good information. Slightly off-topic but on “Soy, Cuba” as written by the cinematographer himself Sergey Urusevski – I screwed up his name in tschnique previous post – this is in Russian but Google Translate should work.


There is a quote at the end of the video where he praised Pudovkin and recommended Pudovkin’s book to anyone interested in learning film technique. So much love for that shot! The example you gave, Kubricks’ Space Odyssey just means Kubrick is quite knowledgable of film theory and understands how the cut would work because he studied this “aesthetics for retards”.

He’s not grouped in with Pudovkin and Eisenstein. Pudovkin’s more artistic impulses had to be curtailed and the quality of his films suffered as well.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. I am among other things an editor and the idea that my job is essentially to assemble the footage as requested by the director and then to paper over the cracks should there be any is a touch insulting. Want to Read saving…. Though Pudovkin’s name may not ring a bell for some, his teacher’s might.

Reply Share Share this answer: West in the Land of the Bolsheviks. Fechnique find that books from the dawn of cinema to be much more interesting and challenging than more modern texts. Pudovkin plays a classic montage trick, this time on the international chess stars who have gathered in Moscow for a tournament.

Indeed, in animated movies the editor works throughout the production process to guide how the shots are assembled, rather than cutting and pasting footage together after-the-fact which would be much more expensive and incredibly wasteful.

A scriptwriter who knows nothing about how editing works pjdovkin write a script that lacks film language and will use dialogue to move the story forward.