Hello, I’m tempted to buy a Farfisa Organ, Matador-R (from the picture I believe it’s a model). I’m sorry if I’m posting on the wrong sub as. The Farfisa Matador-R was the deluxe version of the Matador. In included all of the features of the organ, in addition to a super sweet drum. This image, which was originally posted to Flickr, was uploaded to Commons using Flickr upload bot on 17 June , by Clusternote.

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You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Farfisa also made radiostelevisionsand other electronic items. On that date, it was confirmed to be licensed under the terms of the license indicated. This can be heard in the work of seminal acts like K.

Date 19 April Links to uncommonly great specials or deals at third party retailers are allowed. Never played a Matador, but I own a Farfisa Compact a late s organ.

This picture is courtesy of Carlos owner of the Spanish combo organ yahoo group – URL is in the picture. It was retired after the group’s split. I’ve only seen a couple of these, and don’t know much about them.

The color scheme was grey with light blue and green. The Transicord came in two models, a “standard” and a “DeLuxe.

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The Farfisa Matador was produced in the early to mids. If you are not willing to field questions magador your post will be removed. Link posts without a comment to interesting third party material are ok. Submit a new text post. The Mini-Compact is the smallest of the Compact Series.


With the advent of synthesizers, organs such as the classic Farfisa seemed to be headed for obsolescence, but time proved otherwise. The DeLuxe has two rows of stop-tabs and is black in color. Oh yeah, this is Really Useful! Today, the Farfisa brand mainly produces intercom systems with the company Aci Farfisa, which makes and distributes systems for video intercoms, access control, video surveillance, and home automation.

Your email address will not be published. The FAST Farfisa All Silicon Transistor Series models had a metal cabinet covered with a washable skin plate and plastic edges, chrome folding legs, retractable carrying handles, and a removable music rack.

File:Farfisa Matador M combo – Wikimedia Commons

Still can’t quite make out the tab names, though. Spooner Oldhamthe house organist of Alabama recording studio Muscle Shoals Sound Studiocan be heard playing the Farfisa on numerous southern soul recordings from the s, notably ” When a Man Loves a Woman ” by Percy Sledgeamong many others. The problem today is that combo organs are skyrocketing in price. Also, the manual bass feature failed all too often. Note that while the id plate proclaims it as a “Super Bravo”, the model number is the same as for the “plain” Bravo.

At the height of its production, Farfisa operated three factories to produce instruments in Camerano in the Marche region of Italy. I don’t know if it has a Slalom pedal jack. On Buttons Below Keyboard: Distribution in the U. The mono section can be modified by two envelope controls and a wah-wah ; there is also a variable portamento.


Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Music division purchased by Bontempi. Is it possible to modify AR like R model in order have percussion? It has nine timbres: Underneath the keyboards, a knee-high lever could be actuated for the tone boost feature, turned on by rocker levers on the console.

Judging by the script lettering on the tabs, I’d guess this one came out in the late 70s, maybe even early 80s. Don’t go throwing it around. During this same time period, Farfisa also produced a line of effect pedals: We have a zero tolerance policy for that sort of thing and it is strictly enforced. Something that cleans, but also evaporates. Farfisa Compact – Mini Compact”. I hope this is what you were looking for.

Owners of Farfisa Matador ? : synthesizers

On, Fast Attack Tab: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2. It’s got a Slalom pedal, though! Want to add to the discussion? I’m sorry if I’m posting on the wrong sub as I’m not sure if this is considered a farfsa.

The Farfisa sound is today used to impart a stereotypical s-retro essence to music.