This Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife was the preferred commando weapon in World War II for both the U.S. and British Commonwealth Forces. Overall. Buy IXL Sheffield IXSF for $ – Sheffield SHE Fairbairn Sykes British Commando Dagger /8 inch Black Blade, Leather Sheath at KnifeCenter. designed by W. E. Fairbairn and E. A. Sykes for the British Commandos, this knife quickly became a legend. But also many other units of the Al.

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Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife.

FS Fighting Knife Custom Options Our standard 1st, 2nd and 3rd patterns of FS knives carry various options to create a more unique or personalised example to suit your requirements. A fine example of the WW2 British Naval Commando and other special forces units fighting knife scabbard.

The benefit of utilizing the RWL has been very evident, not only in greater resistance to wear, but also in its ability to maintain a lasting polish. I can say 1st class reproduction. During his service ssykes the International Police in Shanghai, Fairbairn reportedly engaged in hundreds of street fights in the course of his duties over a twenty-year career.

Not knowing about what she was getting me, it meant a huge amount to me and even more so when she told me what efforts you had made to get it to her on time.


Retrieved from ” https: Much of his body, arms, legs, torso, even the palms of his hands, was covered with scars from knife wounds from those fights. In all cases the handle had a distinctive foil -like grip to enable a number of handling options. Thanks a lot for your service, and I will probably order more items in the future! The standard you have set leaves little or no room for improvement.

Seeing the craftsmanship employed in the knife reassures me that it will serve her well. The knife looks fabulous in it, and I am very pleased indeed. Any specific regimental or unit badge may be added along with a custom etched brass plaque.

Military Knives

This is definitely my favourite Macdonald Armouries knife. When the proportions of all fairbarn parts work together in a perfect balance to create an aesthetically pleasing but functional weapon or machine, then emotionally contrasting elements speak volumes such as aggressiveness with beautiful form and grace with deadly purpose.

This Commando Dagger features a blac Well done on a quality fairbaien. I saw a unique Kilt Pin on the site, and it was exactly what I was looking for, I knew immediately I had found traditional craftsmen. I take my hat off to you, Sir!

Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife | Atlanta Cutlery

From the lapel daggers, to the covert steel pins, to the sabotage coin, no detail has been spared in the crafting of each piece. The Fairbairn—Sykes fighting knife is a double-edged fighting knife resembling a dagger or poignard with a foil grip developed by William Ewart Fairbaign and Eric Anthony Sykes in Shanghai based on concepts which the two men initiated before World War II while serving on the Shanghai Municipal Police in China.


I took the nut off the back and took it apart. The dimensions are true as noted in the description by ACC.

Our knives look, handle and perform as originals. Next product Fancy Folder. By way of thanks, please find enclosed a 7 Sqn print as a small token of my appreciation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a new, currently manufactured knife.

Without a doubt, this has made many collector-friends of mine quite jealous and all-out envious. She plans a life in the military and this is a gift for her upon which her very life may one day rely. Early production runs were extremely fiarbairn and demand was high, with many British troops attempting to buy their own.

I truly appreciate Paul, and all of the time, sweat and care, he utilizes in the crafting of each piece. In addition to the blade, it appears that the sheath was also crafted with extensive attention to detail.