v Final Exam Answers. – % Full -. CCNA v v Routing and Switching. Essentials New Questions updated CCNPv7 Switch – Final Exam What do you mean by “final exam”? 0 And seriously, re-reading the chapter questions and answers is good. Study Flashcards On Routing And Switching Essentials Final Exam Answers at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more.

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Wide coverage because of the fact that a VLAN can be geographically dispersed throughout the network. What restriction will be presented in a campus enterprise network that is designed with four large distribution building blocks?

Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. The QoS requirements should accommodate the intensive demand on bandwidth for voice traffic. The implementation of scalability that is required during future growth will be limited. The result is that the router will have a virtual interface in each VLAN.

The ports on the switch must be configured with the spanning-tree PortFast feature. It is easier to filter and prioritize traffic to and from the data center. The QoS requirements should accommodate the bursty nature of voice traffic. Refer to the exhibit. Removing ad is a premium feature. Which three parameters must be configured in order to enable SSH?

UDLD sends hello messages to its neighbor at a rate of one per second to attempt to recover the connection.

Which STP enhancement should be configured in the network to prevent a nondesignated port to transition to a forwarding state when a topology change occurs? All intercepted packets that come from trusted ports are sent to untrusted ports only. What is the problem between the connection on Switch1 and Switch2? Configure the switch physical interface so that the router will have an interface in each VLAN.


Based on the provided show ip dhcp snooping command, which statement is true? Configure as routed ports the DSW interfaces that face the access switches.

The router with the IP address Which three actions are taken when the command switchport host is entered on a switch port? Go to My Dashboard. The difference in BPDUs sent and received indicates a loop caused by unidirectional link failure has been detected. If the DSw1 switch is configured with the standby preempt command and DSw2 is not, then DSw1 will be the active router.

The QoS requirements should accommodate the smooth demand on bandwidth, low latency, and delay for voice traffic. Which two types of attacks can be mitigated by port security? To create a routed port requires removal of Layer 2 port functionality with the no switchport interface configuration command. What is the recommended maximum one-way latency when implementing video over IP for real-time video applications?

When host A sends an ARP request for Sign In with your ProProfs account. Disable all ports on the distribution switches and replace with new switches. Decisions on which port to block when two ports have equal cost depend on the port priority and index.


SWITCH Final Exam – CCNP SWITCH (Version ) – ProProfs Quiz

Configure traffic ezwitching QoS policy to guarantee minimum delay for the voice traffic. A bridging loop occurs in a network and disrupts user connectivity.

Which statement is true concerning the core layer within the hierarchical design model? Which two items in the TCAM table are referenced in the process of forwarding a packet?

Which benefit is provided by centralizing servers in a data center server farm?

Switch Final Exam – CCNP Switch (version 6.0)

The inclusion of the fourth module will increase the routing complexity. Configure QoS policy to classify the voice traffic in the priority queue to guarantee reserved bandwidth allocation for the traffic. Edge ports can have another switch connected to them as long as the link is operating in full duplex. Which interfaces should be configured as routed ports?

What two effects will occur when a fourth distribution module is included in the campus enterprise network that is depicted in the exhibit? How will someone dialing in be authenticated? What two conclusions can be made based on the output? Which three steps are required to configure interfaces as routed ports on a multilayer Catalyst switch?