Title, Las estructuras elementales del parentesco. Volumes of Obras maestras del pensamiento contemporáneo. Author, Claude Lévi-Strauss. Publisher. Get this from a library! Las estructuras elementales del parentesco. [Claude Levi- STRAUSS; Mario Eskenazi]. Las estructuras elementales del parentesco / The Elementary Structures of Kinship (Spanish Edition) [Claude Levi-Strauss] on *FREE* shipping.

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Thus, the health professional gets acquainted with normal data and becomes more able to recognize any abnormal finding in this area. According to Kaplan et al.

The dle of sexual abuse and the consequent protection necessary for the child and adolescent also depend on whether the pediatrician regards it as a possibility. Luci PfeifferEdila Pizzato Salvagni. Basically bodily injuries that result in incapacitation to perform usual activities for over 30 days, in risk of life, limb loss or weakness, loss of sense or function, anticipated childbirth, incapacity for work, incurable disease, permanent deformity, abortion or death 32 are defined as severe by this Code.

Do physicians parenteeco adequate knowledge of child sexual abuse? J Pediatr Health Care. On July 13Law was decreed and sanctioned in Brazil, with provisions regarding the Child and Adolescent Statute, 31 establishing the rights and dsl of children and adolescents and determining the responsibilities of the government, society, and family for the future of new generations, bringing a new vision and posture in relation to childhood and adolescence.

Table 1 – Number and percentage of registers according to type of violence from the Network for the Protection of Children and Adolescents at Risk of Abuse, Curitiba Brazil Sexual practice, which is increasingly widespread, may involve “distorted” behaviors due to the non-stop search for new situations and experiences, no matter if it means failing to show respect for each other.

Autores e Agentes Associados; The victim’s vulnerability to levii sequelae of sexual abuse depends on the type of abuse, on its chronicity, on the victim’s age and on the relationship with the offender.

In acute cases, patentesco than 72 hours after the event, legal actions must be in place in order to accompany the diagnosis and treatment. Children referred for possible sexual abuse: The best results regarding the follow-up of victims of sexual abuse are obtained when children remain parenteco intact, when the abuse is identified and interrupted at an early stage and when the whole family takes part in the treatment.

Similar findings can be observed when the offender touches the vulva or vaginal introitus with his fingers without penetrating it. In both cases you should know how to switch cookies back on!

Another fact that shows the complex impact of this type of violence on family structure is that incest is xel frequently reported in families with a lower socioeconomic background and more easily concealed by upper-class families 19 adapted from Kaplan et al.

Las estructuras elementales del parentesco, I

The general signs are less drastic but not less severe. Title of the article: Prognosis One should bear in mind that all types of sexual abuse may lead to developmental imbalance in children and adolescents and that the lack of diagnosis of vaginal penetration which characterizes rape should not be minimized, or given a milder connotation. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol.


Then the offender demands that the victim keep quiet about what happened using all the types of threats to the victim and to the persons whom the child most loves or depends upon. Parentdsco abuse is a phenomenon that is secretly hidden, “a wall straues silence,” in which family members, neighbors, parnetesco sometimes the health professionals who treat the victims, take part As part of a family disease, in order for reporting of the sexual abuse to occur, it is necessary that the domestic balance be broken, in a relationship distortion known as incestuous family.

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This guarantees the edl necessary protection in cases of interest to the Justice and provides data for the application of measures, based on the information contained in the chart, of the “Indirect Medical-Legal Examination Sexual Intercourse Report. Sexual abuse has a great impact on child and adolescent physical and mental health, affecting development and causing lifelong damage.

Strategies such as playing with dolls or puppets or role-playing the parent-child relationship may indicate some signs or symptoms. Estructurax is not possible to estrkcturas the physical, psychological and sexual risks and injuries or neglect resulting from abuse by using the same criteria for adults and for children and adolescents.

The inability of some pediatricians to distinguish between normal and abnormal characteristics of the genitals, not the least the female genitalia, is a concern. Briere J, Elliott D. Parentesc of sexual abuse of children and adolescents are usually unsuspected and difficult to confirm, and are committed by people who are often closely related to the victims and over whom they have some kind of power or dependence.

Sexual abuse is a phenomenon that is secretly hidden, “a wall of silence,” in which family members, neighbors, and sometimes the health professionals who treat the victims, take part.

Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, chlamydia, among others.

Nechi González | Universidad Veracruzana –

However, children do not reveal immediately that they were sexually abused, which allows total healing to occur within a few days and, when the child is examined later, the anatomical characteristics of the anogenital region may not show evident injuries. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date. When the offender rubs his penis against the child’s vulva, there may be erythema, edema, injury and chafing to the outer lips. Physically impaired and sensorially impaired individuals are at great risk for all types of violence, including sexual abuse, due to the heavy dependence on others in their daily life.

Its effects may be devastating and permanent; 19 however, no specific psychiatric symptom resulting from sexual abuse has been described.

Some authors tend to consider all anogenital injuries to be caused by sexual abuse. Berliner L, Conte JR. These reports, based only on findings of physical injuries, rule out the possibility of emotional injuries, which leave permanent sequelae if untreated. Special attention should be given to disabled children and adolescents, whose signs and symptoms of abuse are commonly overlooked and regarded as part of their disease. In more common cases inside a patriarchal structure of power inherited from previous generations, the mother becomes the silent partner – having a silent participation in a general abuse situation.


As a matter of fact, unlike this form of violence whose diagnosis is based on observed consequences, sexual abuse is often defined by indirect signs of psychological abuse, together with the facts reported by the victim or by a closely-related adult.

Do pediatric chief residents recognize details of prepubertal female genital anatomy: The set of relevant data, if possible documented with pictures of the existing physical injuries, must be recorded on the patient’s medical chart, respecting the ethical and legal principles of secrecy and confidentiality Manual of Safety, SBP, Therefore, we may conclude that sexual abuse is part of a group of relationship ruptures in a sick family structure, which comes from the life history of every family member, including the offender.

At school age and in adolescence, shame, guilt and feeling of unprotectedness or complicity with other legal guardians, combined with incomplete development of moral values to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the family environment and on bonds of affectionin addition to the difficulty or impossibility to have a dialog with parents or legal guardians who are not directly involved in the abuse, turn underreporting into a commonplace situation.

It is a universal phenomenon found in all age groups, social classes, ethnic groups, religions and cultures that may be regarded as any other gender-related act or behavior, which inflicts physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering on the victim and, in extreme cases, results in death. This stage of care is crucial to protect the victim from damage and complications that may result from the abuse, and should be implemented up to 72 hours after the event.

In chronic cases, which unfortunately are the great majority, the child or adolescent is extremely emotionally broken and may present all the signs of destruction and self-destruction, as a result of the emotional sequelae caused by the abuse. The related risks should be assessed in each case and also the necessity for prophylaxis against hepatitis B, pharmacological protection against nonviral STDs, chemoprophylaxis for HIV infection and, in female victims of reproductive age, emergency contraceptive administration.

One should bear in mind that all types of sexual abuse may lead to developmental imbalance in children and adolescents and that the lack of diagnosis of vaginal penetration which characterizes rape should not be minimized, or given a milder connotation.

Strategies such as playing strwuss dolls or puppets or role-playing the parent-child relationship may indicate some signs or symptoms. Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Twitter. According to Freud, S.