Apgar Familiar Historia En el Dr Gabriel Smilkstein ¿Qué es el Apgar Familiar? Es un cuestionario de 5 preguntas ¿Para que sirve?. % em ansiedade. depressão e APGAR familiar. respectivamente. . Family Apgar: it is an instrument designed by Gabriel Smilkstein, neurologist, in .. Validación de la escala de Zung para depresión en universitarias de. 6 jan. J.C. Gil de MoraisValidade da prova “Apgar familiar” Revista Portuguesa de Clínica Geral. Lisboa (32) R. Paixão, R. OliveiraA Escala instrumental e expressiva do suporte social Smilkstein, Smilkstein, G. ().

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Because of that, it was considered an adequate criterion, which was also the reason why it was taken, in this study, as the benchmark, once it was used and validated diagnose by NANDA International 613 The sample consisted of a group of students admitted to the and cohorts, ages between 15 and 56 years.

The discrimination apar of the items that make up each of the scales was calculated using the area under the Receiver Operational Characteristic ROC curve, using the non-parametric adjustment due to the large volume of data. Pascarella and Familir mentioned four factors to be taken into account in the academic success or failure of university newly admitted students: The factorial analysis demonstrated a single factorization nature of the instrument used in the research.

According to the content, each one of the 18 defining characteristics of the nursing diagnose was associated to one of the domains of the Family APGAR adaptation, partnership, growth, affection or resolve. When reviewing the internal consistency of the anxiety and depression scales between male and smilksein groups, no significant differences were observed, which leads to the conclusion that scales can be used reliably in men and women.

There is a strong suggestion to perform future investigations that may evaluate the psychometric proprieties of Family APGAR, not only over the regional scenario of Brazilian Northeast region, but also in many other sociocultural environments of the different geographical regions of the country.

The value of Cronbach’s alpha had a different result when one of the items was suppressed, varying from 0.

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Analysis of psychometric properties of family APGAR with elderly in northeast Brazil

The maximum significance level for the contrast of the statistical hypotheses was 0, It was finally constituted by fmiliar items with a Cronbach Alpha apgaf of, 0, I am satisfied with the way my family and I talk and share problems. Family APGAR proposes an evaluation of family functionality that is independent of the stage of life of the members of this same family. In all of the above groups, Cronbach’s alpha indices indicate very good internal consistency.

May 29, ; Revised: Study of internal consistency and factor structure of three versions of the Zung’s rating instrument for anxiety disorders. The scale consists of 20 Likert type reagents ranging from never 1 to always smilksteibwhere items 2, 5, 6, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18 and 20 are written in inverse sense.

The instruments esczla were: Arch Gen Psychiatry12, In regards to the component members of their family, In this sense, the division is in charge of the diagnosis of the students at the time of admission, in order to specify, through a bio-psychosocial approach, personality traits, abilities, psychoactive substances consumption habits, physical health, and economic vulnerability.

This was received in Excel files without personal data, with the exemption of student codes to facilitate the crossing between data matrices supplied by different units of the university.

This approach will enable satisfactory comparison and discussion of the results found by other studies of analysis of reliability parameters and validity of instrument, reinforcing the relevance of its usage in gerontology practice.

For this reason, this question is eliminated from esscala Zung Depression Scale for applications in Colombian samples. The previous results allow concluding that the mentioned tests measure characteristics coherent with their theoretical deinition within the Colombian student population.

It is important to highlight the use of Family APGAR recommended by the Brazilian Ministry of Health in the country 2thus supposing it is already adequate regarding semantic, conceptual, operational and item-wise equivalence The scores needed to analyze the correlation using Pearson’s r coefficient between the instrument created and Family APGAR were acquired from the calculation of the average of the scores found.

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The average amount of relatives was 3. Participants The sample consisted of UIS students.


This is a methodological research, that deals with the development, validation and evaluation of research tools Furthermore, despite being transculturally adapted with a sample from the Southeast region of Brazil 8Family APGAR has only five evaluation items, described by short sentences, easy to comprehend, without regional expressions, and with simple and clear answering options, allowing to support the adequacy of the instrument, as well as to be used with samples from other parts of the country.

The results demonstrated a Cronbach’s alpha value of 0.

Apgar Familiar by paola hernandez mendez on Prezi

The majority of the elders Revista de la Facultad de Medicina July 31, ; Revised: Likewise, this will also provide a higher level of safety regarding the professional interventions aimed to the families, based on the information gathered with this instrument. Tomou-se uma amostra de estudantes com idades entre 15 e 56 anos que ingressaram nas turmas de e This last instrument was specifically developed by the authors of this study to facilitate the analysis to validate the criteria of Family APGAR.

When they were asked about the quality of the relationship with their relatives, The sample consisted of UIS students. To determine the reliability of Family APGAR, the method excala Cronbach’s alpha was used, through the coefficient of discrimination of the items, considering as a satisfactory result if values were above 0.

Recuperado smilketein 15 de marzo dede Recuperado el 15 de marzo dede http: Anxiety levels were significantly higher in women, and no significant average variation was observed between age ranges for each gender. In regards to the application of the instrument in elders, as seen in the context of the studied municipality of the Northeast region of Brazil, the reliability results, evaluated by its internal consistency using Cronbach’s alpha demonstrated scores neat to one, thus being categorized as a reliable element