Ergenekon davasında tutuklu bulunan eski Genelkurmay Başkanı emekli Orgeneral İlker Başbuğ tahliye edildi. Mahkeme, Başbuğ’un tahliyesine karar verdi. Mahkeme, Başbuğ hakkında tahliye gerekçesi olarak, “Sabit. Ergenekon Davası’nın temyiz incelemesini yapan Yargıtay Ceza Dairesi hukuka aykırılık gerekçesiyle yerel mahkemenin kararını bozdu. Ergenekon davaları nedeniyle yurt dışına çıkış Gerekçeli kararda, Perinçek’in

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First of all, it requires a great staff. Deniz Feneri case retaliation for Ergenekon probe “. According to the investigation, Ergenekon had a role in the murder of Hrant Dinka prominent journalist of Armenian descent [13] [] [] Italian priest Father Andrea Santoro in February and the brutal murders of three Christiansone a German national, killed in the province of Malatya in April This Counter-Guerrilla member and ultranationalist politician dreamed of creating the mythical “Turan” — a pan-Turkic empire which would stretch through the Central Asian republics, and include the Gerskeli Turks of western China’s Xinjiang province.

They fetched the keys, searched the house, had Yi?

Türkçü Patrik’in MHP’li torunu: Sevgi Erenerol | Agos

The activities of the gang, which apparently ranged from false-flag terrorist attacks and ergene,on to drug smuggling and espionage, are closely intertwined with the fortunes and affairs of the gere,eli class in Turkey. Pistols with silencers and machine guns, plus false diplomatic passports, were found in the mangled car’s trunk. The drawings led to the excavation of bullets mostly Uzi2 light-weight anti-tank weapons, 1 kg of plastic explosives, 10 hand grenades whose serial numbers had been removed and 10 smoke bombs.

Most of those arrested on Wednesday were not involved in the Ergenekon plot As editors and local commentators have been saying, to really act against the deep state is almost unimaginable; no one knows where the trail might ultimately lead.

But the big fish, including two retired generals, were grekeli caught in the recent police operation. Full text of the indictment: I do not know enough about how such legislation works to be able to comment on the likelihood of this or not, but even if so, it would seem ervenekon rather small element of what is a global program with objectives beyond securing the legacies of a few bad apple bureaucrats. Response to an article in the newspaper Sabah.


Born inErzurum as Necabettin Baltac?

Başbuğ ‘Sık konuşmayacağım’ demişti, ancak – Haberler

This week, across the Turkish media, the cry has gone out to slay the beast once and for all. This department received funding and training from U.

Over a hundred people, including several generals, party officials, and a former secretary general of the National Security Councilhave been detained or questioned since July In denying army support for the coup attempt, Chief of the Armed Forces General Staff General Yasar Buyukanit recently stated that “at every opportunity, there have been in the past and there continue to be efforts to link the armed forces with these kinds of things.

The military chief of staff, the governors, the police — everyone worked together on it. While the American media seems erbenekon to not follow the story through to its logical conclusion, the Gerekepi know better.

Indeed, it is more than a bit ironic that the major recurring threat to society and political stability in Turkey over the past 60 karad, the “Deep State,” was actually enabled by the country’s Western allies, and first of all, America.

However, his uncle Demirta? Plus, those around him have become heroes. By selecting active officers, the group maintains connections savas the establishment. It is said ergenekln the top position is held for a six month term by an active army officer.

For example, the batch number of the first entry means ‘batch 91, December ‘. T had presented a diagram of the network to prime minister Erdogan and the chief of staff in —well before the investigation.

In other words, Turkey’s proliferation violations have been solved — even though they have never been properly explained, or even admitted, by the powers that be.

Tayyar is coincidentally promoting his new book on Ergenekon, K? Like everything else, there were no clear-cut lines of control between political parties, ethnicities, or services. Tolon disavows any relationship to the organization and says that he was scapegoated. Site of the arms cache that started the Ergenekon investigation Coordinates: It is not easy to establish such an organization as Ergenekon.

Cumhuriyet davası kararı açıklandı: Gazeteciliğe hapis cezası

The deep state is held to be based in the army, but closely linked with MIT the national intelligence servicethe judiciary, and since the s the mafia. The main body is still active. Biraz daha bekleyecek, koruma kalkanlar? Maybe the gerkeli fit; maybe they don’t.


It has been said that the people who constitute the “deep state” are members gereleli, or make use of, this covert organization, which was established at the beginning of the Cold War to contain communism. The records of a Nov. For further information on Tolon’s situation, see Tezkan, Mehmet Prosecutors also said the Susurluk case, named after the town of Susurluk, where a fatal car crash in revealed ertenekon links between state security officers, organized criminals and politicians, was a revelation of the Ergenekon organization.

The police had been investigating the group for the past few years, compiling in the process a dossier of some davad, pages. Debate has focused in particular on the grenades, which can be uniquely identified by the fuse type Turkish: Aside from daavs rather alarming possible implications of juicing up, say, Saudi Arabia, there are other items of interest here, the most relevant being the question of why an agreement on nuclear technology transfer to NATO-ally Turkey had not been achieved long ago.

Yargıtay Ergenekon kararını açıkladı: En büyük kumpas çöktü

In the city, eight grenades were found; seven hidden inside a washing machine, and another in an oven. The proximate motive behind these false flag activities is said to be to discredit the incumbent Justice and Development Party and derail Turkey’s accession process to the European Union.

Ali YasakSami Ho? According to the indictment, the caller was? Site of the arms cache that started the Ergenekon investigation. Turkish newspaper Zaman reports: Sedat Peker will take care of us while we’re in jail.

According to the indictment, the group’s claim to legitimacy is that it allegedly protects national interestswhich the defendants believe are incompatible with the rule of the Justice and Development Party and are harmed by Turkey’s alleged concessions to the West.