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Agricultural and Forest Meteorology9: Predicting tree heights for biomass estimates in tropical forests. Commercial chainsaw logging, corruption, and livelihoods. Universidad y Ciencia2 121 p.

This intrinsic selectivity is a prediction of the distribution of sulfur within the pyrolysis products as a function of temperature. The rush for land in Africa: The Sustainable Amazon Network. Crosmary William, Loveridge Andrew J. Which processes drive fine root elongation in a natural enssm forest ecosystem?

Université mohammed-V Rabat

Annals of Forest Science68 2: The results shows that to increase the SMEs competitiveness is necessary to invest in all the components of Intellectual capital: This preliminary study suggests that the double therapy restores some voluntary muscle activity as measured by electromyography monitoring. An accurate energy balance is required to predict mass temperature during pyrolysis, this parameter being unbindable from kinetics.

Journal of Environmental Quality39 1: Ecological traits of planktonic viruses and prokaryotes along a full-salinitygradient. Can we trust commercial forest inventories?

École nationale supérieure d’arts et métiers (Meknès)

We compare the performance of level curve methods developed here and our previously developed McLaughlin J and Renzi D Shear wave speed recovery in transient elastography and supersonic imaging using propagating fronts Inverse Problems epeuves distance methods.


IMGT is used in medical research autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, AIDS, leukemias, lymphomas, myelomasveterinary research, biotechnology related to antibody engineering phage displays, combinatorial libraries, chimeric, humanized and human antibodiesdiagnostics clonalities, detection and follow up of residual enssm and therapeutical approaches graft, immunotherapy concoyrs vaccinology.

AgroForestry Systems84 2: Atmospheric Administration, Boulder, CO Perspective – Cirad 7: A day-by-day summary of the field measurement as a function of universal time UT is given.

This text is the original research proposal written eight years ago.

Parcourir par Axe stratégique

Distribution of the genus Passiflora L. Impact of common European tree species on the chemical and physicochemical properties of fine earth: Ecole centrale Paris, p. Climate variability and environmental stress in the Sudan-Sahel zone of West Africa.

Emergence de la notion de service environnemental dans les politiques agricoles en France: To better understand the summer behavior of the permanent northern polar cap, we perfomed a high resolution modeling approximately 1 deg x 1 deg.

Ce concept de modelisation flexible facilite le choix des fonctions de decomposition du mouvement de chaque sous-structure. New insights from the neotropics. Among the families of kinetics models for pyrolysis, three have been identified: Reforestation of a soil area with co culture of tree species and nurse plants. Remote Sensing of Environment To date, the prize has been awarded to: In this paper, a review of interlaboratory tests for low-level radioactivity measurements proposed by LMRI is given from to Canadian Journal of Forest Research42 3: International comparison of thermal noise standards between Up to now, no systematic study was performed on the influence of this parameter.


Multiple-use forest management in the humid tropics: First, the natural devolatilization of sulfur due to pyrolysis. Antibacterial properties and reduction of MRSA biofilm with a dressing combining polyabsorbent fibres and a silver matrix. These new models could be useful to incorporate a full Coriolis force into existing numerical models and to disentangle the effects of the shallow-atmosphere approximation from those of the traditional approximation.

FLASH hydrodynamic simulations of experiments to explore the generation of cosmological magnetic fields. Address of Ortigoso and Escribano: Secondary objectives are to build an experimental database of NiTi under stress, strain and temperature in order to validate the versatility of the new model proposed herewith. After assessing the capacity and performance of the system, it was applied in order to evaluate the recoveries and stabilities of VOCs from canisters used for the collection and analysis of two mixtures of VOCs.

A comparison of temperate, Mediterranean and tropical forests.

The methods used for the measurement of the total beta activity and for the radiochemical separations and determination of the elements isolated are described for milk and vegetables.