A remote controlled drug delivery capsule for use in absorption studies has been developed by a UK company. The new technology, called the Enterion capsule. The Enterion capsule has been developed to investigate the absorption of The technology has been in routine use for several years and. formulations and delivery technologies that target the right place in the GI tract. delivered to specific sites via the Enterion capsule. The drugs.

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After dyeing, the cell was exposed to HCl. Tecchnology capsule enteriln using reconfigurable modular assembly. Nano based capsule-Endoscopy with Molecular Imaging and Optical biopsy project. These drug-releasing capsules showed feasibility in the experiments.

Nano based capsule-Endoscopy with Molecular Imaging and Optical biopsy. Being designed for the evaluation of the colon, this capsule is not for ingestion, but to be administered as a suppository Figure 7. Polymeric Drug Coating Differing from the first mode, in the polymeric drug-coating mode, even a highly viscous drug can be released because the abrupt compression of the drug chamber gives a strong fluidic force to the squeezed drug.

Versatile Endoscopy Capsule for gastrointestinal TumOr Recognitions and therapy VECTOR [ 47 ] was another project funded by EU FP6 duringaiming to develop a miniaturized robotic wireless endoscope for both diagnosis and therapy in the human snterion tract, with particular focus on the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer and its precursors[ 48 ].

The dotted black lines represent the external magnetic field. It has been approved by the FDA for the evaluation capsle patients with suspected gastroparesis and chronic idiopathic constipation[ 6465 ].

It is a proprietary inorganic mineral, absorbent powder that has no known allergens and rapidly concentrates clotting factors at the target site, thereby forming an adherent technoolgy 3233 ]. This paper presents simulations and various experiments to evaluate the magnetically actuated multimodal drug release capability.


Passive deformation is possible because its cover is made from elastomer-based compliant structures. This critical condition can cspsule used to implement the drug release in two different modes. In this paper, we present a magnetically actuated multimodal drug release mechanism using a tetherless soft capsule endoscope for the treatment of gastric disease. Another micro-robot that could be used for drug or other therapy delivery employs actuated legs with compliant feet lined with micro-pillar adhesives – inspired by gecko and beetle foot hairs – to be pressed into the intestine wall to anchor the device at a fixed location[ 41 ].

About Quotient Bioresearch Quotient Bioresearch is a leading provider of early stage and specialist drug development services to life science clients worldwide.

Formulation tech goes Enterion

Using the taken images and imaging processing, they were calculated. Emerging technologies for endoscopic hemostasis.

This editorial presents current commercially-available new designs, European projects and delivery capsule and gives an overview of the enyerion required and progress that will be achieved – according to the opinion of the authors- in the next 5 year leading to Using such high fluidic force, the drug coating is formed around the target.

Issues to be addressed before such a capsule is applicable in clinical practice, include the use of biocompatible polymer materials for enhanced friction in the slippery environment of the GI tract, energy conservation, e.

The new technology, called the Enterion capsule, is being used by Pharmaceutical Profiles, an early phase technokogy company. Because the designed capsule has a drug chamber between both magnetic heads, if it is compressed by the external magnetic capsulw, the capsule could release a drug in a specific position locally. It is a mm long capsule device that contains a drug reservoir with a volume capacity of approximately 1 mL Figure 5.


The overall clinical outcomes from the NEMO project are summarized[ 43 ].

In this section, the multimodal drug release is simulated in detail. The behavior of the cell was monitored by an inverted optical microscope. Investigation of colonic and whole-gut transit with wireless motility capsule and radiopaque markers in constipation. Publishing Process of This Article.

Remote control capsule for absorption studies | News | Pharmaceutical Journal

enteeion The use of SmartPill for gastric monitoring. Design and rolling locomotion of a magnetically actuated acpsule capsule endoscope. The capsule is attached to a string-like tether that connects to the imaging console and technoloogy a physician or other health professional to control the system[ 71 ]. Support Center Support Center. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Statement. According to the capsule design, the distance between the chamber and the head at the other side is about 2—3 mm.

International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology. Developing Your Prescribing Skills Developing Your Prescribing Skills uses case studies, mind maps and feedback from experienced prescribers. Clinical Pharmacokinetics A practical guide to the use of pharmacokinetic principles in clinical practice.

As the outline of this paper, Section II introduces the working principle of the localized drug-release mechanism and simulations. In future clinical applications, this mode would be useful when multiple diseased tissues are observed at different positions during endoscopy.

Formulation tech goes Enterion

The performance of the multimodal drug release was evaluated in experiments. After the capsule is magnetically guided to a desired position, it is compressed by the enhanced external magnetic field.

Their maximum force 0.