Eminence PSD High Frequency 1″ Driver, 80 Watts at 8 Ohms. Developed for totally loaded Eminence cabinets, or as upgrades to an existing device. Eminence PSD 1 bolt on high frequency driver handles a powerful 80 watts AES at kHz. Eminence:: 1 Inch Bolt On:: Eminence PSD (Bolt-on) 1 inch Throat 80W Compression Driver 8 Ohm:: Eminence PSD (Bolt-on) 1 inch Throat 80W.

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Odd order harmonics tend to sound worse at least from a western musical standpoint and there are differences in their levels between the drivers.

More on this later, I have to go. This HF compression driver evaluation was undertaken for three basic reasons: And the follow up conversations.

Eminence PSD 2002 – 8 ohm – Compression Driver

Thanks again for the time, energy and expertise. Regarding the VC size, and its relation to the surface area of the diaphragm.

You must log in or register to reply here. Hope you find the recordings interesting, they offer an insight in compression driver comparison as far as I know never undertaken before this study.

The Jensen Hypex PA30 ps2002, lacking a phase plug, but having an acoustic high pass filter, had less upper harmonic distortion.

So in addition to masking, our ears tend not to notice increasing amounts of distortion at higher frequencies.

That is, only lower frequencies are compressed and transmitted, and psd2020 frequencies are synthesized by copying lower frequency regions up higher. Having done so in the past to prove the point that 3rd, 4th etc. This compression results in high throat SPL, at the einence power levels the drivers were tested at the non- linearity of air is responsible for a significant though undetermined percentage of the of distortion measured, that non- linear distortion is unavoidable in any compression driver design.

I use BMS drivers.

Eminence Speaker Drivers

If you buy from the iTunes store, you’re stuck with k AAC which is adequate for a lot of stuff but not always.

All of the drivers tested showed many desirable characteristics and some defects. I once asked him about the non-linearity of drivers, since even though an FIR can cancel the distortion, distortion isn’t constant with output, so he’d need a dynamic FIR to properly take care of the issue across the range of output levels the driver could handle.


What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. John Roberts Graduate Student May 18, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

To achieve the same HF response at feet in the desert would requires a Granted distortion plots don’t necessarily relate to subjective listening tests but providing this data does help everyone make more informed choices. The inexpensive PSD emminence a surprise, with 6 dB more power, it hit I’ll stop talking about stuff i shouldn’t be for now, at least in this thread.

Eminence PSD Manuals

It is important to note that the VC eminejce BMS drivers is in the middle of the diaphragm, fminence it is a ring radiator design, not at the very outside as with a traditional compression driver. Because the neo is smaller than the ceramic the throat opens up faster and has a bigger angle at the mouth of the driver than the Nowadays I use lossless AAC when encoding my own stuff.

I don’t want to say they use the same diaphragms, as that has bit me in the butt before, but they have the same VC, and to my knowledge the membrane is the same. The distortion levels above do not include the minimal contributions of upper harmonics past the second, and are rounded to the nearest whole number above the actual 2ndHD.

Michael, Probably to keep spec sheets concise, although Eminencce don’t actually know. I suppose many folks don’t notice it but I do, namely on cymbals and high hats. Having heard dozens of different HF drivers on dozens of different horns in different venues ranging from home theaters to arenas, with different arrays driven with various playback material and mixes by different engineers mixing different bands through different consoles, processing, and amplification, about emiennce only conclusion drawn were various HF drivers can sound quite good or lousy.

Eminence Guitar & Bass Horn Flares | Electro-Harmonix

High Frequency Compression Driver Evaluation. High Frequency Compression Driver Evaluation More recordings, description of them is at the bottom of post 1. Forums Pro Audio Varsity.


Just that I want to thank her for eminenec patience with you psc2002 this project. Jan 29, 0 0. This makes comparison of HF compression drivers between different manufacturers difficult in other than very fundamental respects. Jeff Babcock Senior May 16, John Chiara Senior May 18, Greg Cameron Senior May 17, So there are other things at play besides the size of the diaphragm.

John Roberts Graduate Student May 17, For years I had wanted to hear BMS drivers, which use polyester diaphragms, a material primarily associated with awful clothing from the s. Granted it has much improved over the original mp3 format.

I believe he was able to correct for horn reflections, not distortion products. The Jensen Hypex PA30 driver, lacking a phase plug, had an additional 16 odd harmonics occur. In the past two decades, LF driver technology has made large advances in linear excursion capability and power handling, resulting in more clean LF output per driver, although requiring more power to achieve that goal.

Program consisted of both dual sine wave tones of the same musical interval at different frequencies, and a 30 second music excerpt. Want to make that abundantly clear at the top for all those that don’t know, or missed that part of your first post.

Also, in the same psf2002, there is less distance for the VC to support, or control at any one time. One question, and this is directed more to Bennett. Drivers with more efficient, extended HF output would require less compensating boost.

I could not resist quoting this Art. So the gentle reader has to sift through two layers and use appropriate filters for what I have to say. It was very interesting to me to see the two BMS drivers plots side by side. If I am ever to meet you, I feel I owe to pay for your wife’s dinner.