: On the Heights of Despair (): E. M. Cioran, Existentialism does not flirt with suicide as vividly as Emil Cioran., This is a man. Cioran’s first book “On the Heights of Despair”, brings together all the themes from his later work: death, loneliness, disease, suffering, the. On the Heights of Despair shows Cioran’s first grappling with themes he would Judith Shulevitz, New York Times Book Review Emil M. Cioran () is.

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E M Cioran – On the Heights of Despair by Jason Yee – PDF Drive

Want to Read saving…. Some of his tthe Romanian friends Ionesco, for example would help him out sometimes. Writing helps us come to terms with our situations in a coherent way.

This book consists of short, lyrical and extremely insightful essays. View all 5 comments. Cioran’s work may kill you.

On the Heights of Despair

Many, especially in his youth, thought him to be a dangerous lunatic. Some thoughts need ddspair. Philosophy, General Works categorize this paper.

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Gnostic insights, images, and metaphors permeate his work, as scholars of Gnosticism have noticed. He emul not live, feel, desire, wait for anything. His readership will never fluctuate too dramatically because the majority of people will never be persuaded that his considerations are necessary ones – except maybe on their deathbeds. I am a fossil dating from the beginning of the world: For Cioran, writing is a form of treatment, a way to find at least a little relief from obsessions and agonies.


Human existence, at its core, is endless anguish and despair, dfspair writing can make things a bit more bearable.

E M Cioran – On the Heights of Despair

despar He could live like that forever. Whenever I happen to be in a city of any size, I marvel that riots do not break out every day: View all 7 comments.

Then we could renounce culture and ambitions; we would lose everything and gain nothing; for what is there emli be gained from this world? Why always expect a definite stance, clear ideas, and meaningful words?

Quotes from On the Heights of One would hear that such a person existed, but it was impossible to read him. His view on suicide was somewhat obscure but I understood that he would prefer to live a life of despair rather than end his life.

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He puts them all together as if afraid his time will run out and he will not have said all that burdened his soul. Letter to the Editor: That’s very inspiring indeed! Not all is golden. The horrors of the war, the enormity of the Holocaust, in which some of his Jewish friends died, woke him up abruptly; those texts must have looked to him now like the stuff of nightmares. Without any reluctance he talks about ideas and emotions that most people spend the major part of their lives trying their best to repress and ignore.


No sooner did Cioran arrive in Germany than he fell in love with the freshly installed Nazi regime.

Cioran is a cruel diagnostician of despair – there is little from heighfs realms of spiritual shadow that he is not acutely aware of – and scourges the quotidian world with its infinite banality, pointlessness, and immanent subjugation to Ah, Cioran, twenty-two years old and already so caustically weary with that great travail called life – I remember that age well! Or final review if I forget The wise man’s life is empty and sterile, for it is free from contradiction and despair.

All triumphs are moral. So much more complex is the man who suffers from limitless anxiety. Cioran is a cruel diagnostician of despair – there is little from the realms of spiritual shadow that he is not acutely oj of – and scourges the quotidian world with its infinite banality, pointlessness, and immanent subjugation to death.

Both will probably stumble out. One day you look for yourself in the mirror only to discover someone else there staring at you. Barely 22 years old, he started practicing failure in all seriousness. Aug 18, Hadrian rated it it was ok Shelves: