Go to the Candidate Resources section and review the Guide to National Board Certification, download the Eligibility Verification Forms to see if you meet the. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards | All rights reserved. .. appropriate verification forms located in the Eligibility Verification Forms and. National Board Certification in American education and to capitalize on the ̶ Note potential point of confusion for five-year eligibility window: If a candidate does not form the more streamlined Component 3. • By reducing the length of the.

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Some states and districts provide financial support to teachers who want to earn their National Board Certification. Find resources that may be available in your state. eligibipity

Renewal Candidate Resources

Take time to read all of the information presented in the Guide to National Board Certificationpaying close attention to important dates, deadlines and policies. In general, candidates who meet the education, employment, and licensure requirements can register for any certificate of their choosing.

The component scores will be weighted as follows: Although you have a five year window to complete the certification process, you are expected to complete all components you purchase during the assessment cycle in which the component is purchased. How long does renewal take? Registration for each assessment cycle typically begins in April each year and forms–nbpts in January of the following year. How is the Profile of Professional Growth scored? I applaud MandyRheaWrites for her dedication to children and social justice issues.

Renewal candidates report the Profile of Professional Growth process takes hours. What if I need additional help?

Candidate FAQs

You must earn a total weighted score of at least In addition, states and districts offer salary increases, bonuses or other incentives to educators who become NBCTs. Understanding Your Scores to assist them in making decisions about whether or not to retake. When scores are released, candidates receive results for each component attempted.


Can I retake a component? Candidates in six certificate areas also select a specific specialty area within their discipline. Go to the Candidate Resources section and review the Guide to National Board Certificationdownload the Eligibility Verification Forms to see if you meet formw-nbpts education, employment and licensure requirements.

Our Customer Support team is also available to answer questions and assist with the registration process. Based on the entire body of evidence submitted, an assessor then makes a single decision— to renew or not to renew.

What is the basis of the Profile of Professional Growth? You can choose to certify under a different certificate area than your current teaching license, if you wish to do so.

Current NBCTs are eligible for renewal if: Candidates may simultaneously register to initially attempt one component and also retake other component s. See the Scoring Guide: Retakes can happen at any time during the five-year window.

Washington State National Board Certification – Teacher Bonus

Who is Eligible for Board Certification? What are you looking for? Content Knowledge consists of four individual parts which a candidate may or may not elect to retake. Teachers are asked to verify their eligibility epigibility registration and may be asked to provide proof of meeting these requirements.

How does the retake process work?

Back to Top Q: Level 2 and Level 1 performances ellgibility less-than-accomplished teaching practice. National Board Certification is available in 25 areas structured around 16 different disciplines and six student developmental levels early childhood, middle childhood, early and middle childhood, early adolescence, adolescence and young adulthood, early childhood through young adulthood.

What are you looking for?

The National Board provides a few resources that can guide you through the renewal process. Purchase only the components you plan to complete during the assessment cycle for which you are registered. What scores do I need to achieve National Board Certification?


When are scores and certification decisions released? Candidates who are eligible and fully paid will receive emails throughout their candidacy about scheduling and testing the component-based assessment Component 1 which is completed at a Pearson VUE testing center and forns-nbpts to upload and submit the portfolio components Components electronically using the e-Portfolio system. Components can be purchased and paid for separately, at any time prior to the registration deadline for each assessment cycle.

See the Ellgibility Dates and Deadlines section in the Guide to National Board Certification for specific details related eligibolity the most current candidate cycle. To calculate your actual years of employment, please refer to the instructions located on page three of the Eligibility Verification Forms and Instructions.

For additional information on retaking components refer to the Scoring Guide: Please note that funding is limited and you should not rely on a scholarship to cover your component fees. In addition, candidate support is provided by networks of NBCTs in many locations across the country.

Assessment materials, including National Board Standards, Component Instructions, and Scoring Guide, are paperless and are available at certificate-areas. More information about rubric scores can be found in the component instructions link. The assessment center section Component 1: How ekigibility I choose a certificate area? This document helps candidates determine which of the 25 certificate areas are appropriate to apply for and what the assessment will include.