While all Eldar Titans are quick and agile, the Revenant goes far beyond this, with its compact size allowing it to move with a speed and grace that is just plain . Last I checked, the Revenant Titan costs points now – I’m wondering if I’ve misread this or otherwise am missing something, as this is. Eldar Titans are large mechanical, bipedal combat walkers produced by the Eldar. Similar to the lumbering Titans that are the greatest war.

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Warhound engine room detail in progress.

Eldar Titans | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Community Forum Discord Server. Linked telepathically by the blood-ties of their pilots or “Steersmen,” they always fight side-by-side. War machines of such size and power as the Phantom Titan are not deployed for the Eldar race’s usual lightning raids and surgical strikes. In addition to the living, the souls and memories of ancient Eldar warriors are maintained in the wraithbone matrix of the Titan. Revenant Titan Cost self. Warhound legs glued to hips – far. Warhound bases with foot prints 2.

In place of the heavy armor of lesser races’ Titans the Revenant is principally protected by an image-distorting Holo-field projected from the Titan’s fins which confuse auspexes of all types.

Eldar Revenant Titan by Steve Fields | Photobucket

This maneuverability is enhanced even further by a number of jump jets and gravitic motors that turn its movement into a dance of drifting leaps and gentle floating sweeps across the battlefield.

Its 2, with the Pulsars and if you want tiatn replace them for sonic lamces each lance is 60 pts.

In place of the heavy armor of lesser races’ Titans the Revenant is principally protected by an image-distorting Holo-field projected from the Titan’s fins which confuse auspexes of all types.


Eldar Titans are very different from the machine-constructs of the other intelligent races of the galaxy. Eldar subscribe unsubscribe 3, readers 43 users here now Welcome to the Eldar Subreddit, the premier place on Reddit to discuss Eldar, Dark Eldar and Harlequins for Warhammer 40,!

I found my Phantom titan and revenent titan surprisingly resilient it the games of apoc i have played after i cast fortune on them. Ads by Project Wonderful! Warhound engine vents 2. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Secondary armament consists of shoulder-mounted Revenant Missile Launcherloaded with plasma warheads for defence against infantry. Basically, I have no idea why it is so eldarr. Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! The Revenant Titan is the smallest Eldar Titanused often as forward scouts for larger Titans or to provide fire support for conventional forces. Revenant Titan crews are small, guided partially by the spirits contained within their Wraithbone core, as is the case with all Eldar Titans.

These massive war machines are reserved for the heaviest fighting, when a Craftworld must engage in a pitched battle, when fast hit-and-run eldaf will not suffice and the Eldar wish to wreak terrible destruction upon their enemies.

Warhound legs glued to hips – top. Its jump jets give gitan the speed to be deployed in support of assault waves of Asuryani armour, or it can act as extra force support for defensive squads of Guardian militia. Now titans are reserved for Apocalypse games which often don’t have a points limit anyway. Phantom Titans are built around a Wraithbone core which permits the spirits contained within it to flow freely through the whole revenan.

Basically they should just go back to all forge world units and remove it from match play while fixing the rules.


This leads to Revenant Ritan often hunting in packs, their actions coordinated by the psychic link formed by their pilots’ blood ties. The most notable aspects of the Revenant however, is the fact that they are often manned by one of a pair of siblings, with the other of the pair piloting a second Revenant close by. A Warlock Titan can also twist together those threads of fate so that doom more readily finds its enemy, resulting in cannon shots and even laser beams changing course to strike them, and it can give a mighty psychic roar which heartens allies and puts fear into the hearts of even the fearless.

Think of the BattleTech Madcat when it made its debut in the Inner Sphere, and you’ll get the idea of this thing well enough.

The resonance set up in the crystal acts to wipe out aggressive rldar from the creatures in its area of effect. Eldar births are rare, and new generations emerge only every few hundred Terran years, so every child is cherished in a manner the other, younger races, find hard to understand.


They are slimmer in build and much faster than their human-built counterparts. Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from ” http: What makes Phantom Titans distinctive from those of the other races is their crew.

The Revenant also mounts a number of powerful jump jets on its slender frame, turning its movement into a series of drifting leaps, or even gentle floating reenant over the battlefield. Warhound leg pin locations 2. Warhammer 40, Eldar Vehicles.