EE DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS TWO MARK QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. Sign in. Main menu. EE Data Structures and Algorithms – 2 MARKS. Instructions: 1. CLICK HERE to view the document online. 2. CLICK HERE to Download. EE DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHM (Common to EEE, EIE & ICE) UNIT I LINEAR STRUCTURES Abstract Data Types (ADT) List ADT array-based .

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Then how structurss you use linked lists? The -2 must be fixed. Measures of Query Cost! Describe how to pass from a parent to its two children, and vice-versa Solution An obvious one, in which no space is wasted, stores the root of the tree in A[1]; the two children in A[2] and A[3], the next generation at A[4] up to A[7] and so on.

Definitions The height of a binary tree is the maximum path length from the root to a leaf. What is a linked list? What is a simple path?

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If alvorithms character is an operand, place it on to the output. Electronic window fence charger. What are the advantages of linked list over arrays? About EEEcube provides you access to several study resources that help you to excel in your Electrical and Electronics Engineering course.


For every push operation the top is incremented by 1. It consist of set of finite steps which, when carried out re2204 a given set of inputs, produce the corresponding output and terminate in a finite time.

Then x is placed in T Right.

Hashing is used to perform insertions, deletions and find in constant average time. The other name of stack is Last-in -First-out list.

See if you can draw a picture of the following after the left rotation at P. Chapter There are non-isomorphic rooted trees with four vertices. It is a notational convenience to allow an empty tree.


Operations on Doubly Linked Lists The algorithms for the insertion and deletion operations on a doubly linked list are somewhat more complicated than the corresponding operations on a singly linked list. Consider the following example.

Linear data structures Stacks Linear data structures Collection of components that can be arranged as a straight line Data structure grows or shrinks as we add or remove objects ADTs provide an abstract layer for various operations More information.

In-order traversal entails the following steps; a. Anti theft alarm for bikes.

Linked Representation The elements are represented using pointers. Linked List Implementation Linked list consists of series of nodes. The abd rooted at a given node are taken to be ordered, so the tree in Fig. Download Presentation Connecting to Server.

Usage of structures, unions – a conventional tool for handling a. Unit 2 and 3 part B 1. For example if the height is 3. When two keys compute in to structudes same location or address in the hash table through any of the hashing function then it is termed collision.


Data Structure with C Subject: In First Pass, all the elements are sorted according to the least significant bit. This consists of the following situation, where P denotes the parent of the subtree being examined, LC is P’s left child, and X is the new node added.

There is exactly only one path from each node to structuree.

EE Data Structures And Algorithms May June Question Paper

algorithsm Using the Function LinearSearch a,n,item,loc Here “a” is an array of the size n. With my change in priorities, I may not be able to continue posting new contents or result updates in future. To pop an element, the stack [Top] value is returned and the top pointer is decremented. Update next link of the previous node, to point to the next node, relative to the removed node. Choose one best answer for each. What are the operations performed on stack and write its exceptional condition?