48, Dumitru Irimia, Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane, Editura Științifică și , Iorgu Iordan, Stilistica limbii române, Editura Științifică, 47, Dumitru Irimia, Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane, Editura Științifică și Enciclopedică, I. Stil, stilistică, limbaj, Editura Academiei, 48, Dumitru Irimia, Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane, Editura Științifică și Enciclopedică, 71, Valeria Guțu Romalo, Corectitudine și.

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Romanian language — Style. She coordinated a research project irjmia a NCSRHE grant about professional genres used in business and public administration settings. She published several scientific articoles and also worked as a language consultant, translator and strhctura from French into Romanian and viceversa.

It is now the turn of the amateurs to follow guidelines that will help to integrate them into the wide world communication networks. His research interests include translation theory and methodology, LSP translation, and discourse analysis for translation purposes.

Odobescu’s Fairy Tales. Linguistic and Stylistic Aspects | BDD-A | Diacronia

Or better said, Wittgenstein goes the Zen way. She is a Lecturer in English for business communication and intercultural business communication with the Department of Modern Languages dhmitru Business Communication, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest.

She has published more than 80 scientific articles and 10 volumes: Please enter recipient e-mail address es. We will further try to briefly describe both of them and emphasize the common points between them and present our approach.

Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane

There are also other causes for this decrease in the future years: Although the current form of religious speech, under the influence of rhetorical technique taken as far back as the fourth century B. In an attempt to irimiz the chronological development of communication science in Romania, the following periods were identified: In and she was Director of the Thomas R.


The reflexivity of issuance encounters the emotional patterns typical of the addressees transitivitywhich facilitates, through the locutionary values, the affective transfer. Under these circumstances the expression virtual life is opposable with the expression effective life and not with real life.

The bigger the structure they were working for, the better their professional qualification was, by attending specific academic programs or professional trainings.

Those are also the names of the BA programs, developed in this chronological order. To examine and invent arguments using kairos is to consider the power dynamics at work in a particular issue in addition to the recent events and arguments that press on it.

Popular culture and the PUS movement are the foundation of an active and efficient communication, necessary for the promotion of a positive attitude among the audience upon the opportunities of research. This aspect can generate an inferiority complex in the psyche of the preacher, expressing through hyper-emotivity or fright. In Italy and Spain, the situation is similar. We can also observe a constant professionalization of PR, arguments with respect to this issue being presented below Balaban, Iancu, As personal beings, we considerably resemble at the generic level, but we are fundamentally different regarding the modes of perceiving external reality.

At other times, a group of people might not have the power to make the final decision but may possess an ability to influence those with final decision-making power. One can argue at a given point of stasis, or one can try to rephrase the question at another stasis. She has been authoring and co-authoring more than ten books and German language courses. Third, kairos means that the problem or crisis has brought with it a time of opportunity for accomplishing some purpose which could not be carried out at some other time.


This development brought, in our assumption, a heterogeneous population of journalists, with different habits, attitudes and different professional definitions.

Beyond the grammatical principles established by regulatory convention, the choice of words, their syntactic-semantic coordination and stylistic expressiveness have as a source, 23 Paul Popescu — Neveanu, op. The present paper is an analysis of the development of Communication Science in Romania during the last decades. Contradiction and structra are key features of Zen rhetoric. His current research focuses on rhetoric, communication, and philosophy.

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Her research interests focus on German linguistics, comparative linguistics, languages in contact and German grammar. During the last decades communication is facing a process of professionalization not only in the field of journalism that enjoys higher visibility than all the other professional communicators. Instead, the Asian does not measure or count when preparing the tea, sturctura he approximates.