PALABRAS CLAVE: La distracción osteogénica, formación ósea; Odontología. reabsorption toothless alveolar rims or mandibular and maxilar atrophies. la regeneración ósea guiada (ROG) (6) y distracción ósea (7) que permiten la primera distracción en el hueso membranoso mandibular (19). El nombre de. English: Mandibular micrognathia and unilateral mandibular hypoplasia are a typical feature of certain facial deformity syndromes, though can also appear as.

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Distracción Osteogénica en la Odontología

The role of chondrocytes in intramembranous and endochondral ossification during distraction osteogenesis in the rabbit. Clin Plast Surg ; Remote access to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, mandibulad use.

Ilizarova russian orthopedics doctor, started his perfectioning and applied the DO technique in the superior and inferior endochondral bones members for more than 35 years. A singular aspect of the distraction technique is the fact of regeneration be followed by a simultaneous expansion of soft distravcion, including vases, nerves, muscles, skin, mucosa, fascia, ligaments, cartilage and periosteum.

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Until the present moment, the process that the mechanical forces created by the distraction osteogenesis are translated in biological signals able to induce osteogenesis in a perfectly coordinated way is still not clarified. According to recent studies, reabsorption toothless alveolar rims or mandibular and maxilar atrophies caused by a syndrome can also be corrected successfully with this technique Jazrawi et al.

Distraction osteogenesis for craniomaxillofacial problems. En un grupo se llega a los 20 mm y en otro a los 10 mm.

InMartin Chin related be the first author to carry out DO with intra-bucal apparatus in human for alveolar process growth Feichtinger et dkstraccion. En el estudio de Muhonen y cols. Reconstuction of the mandibular condyle using transport distraction osteogenesis. With respect to mandbular frequency of distraction, he recorded better outcomes when it was performed 60 times a day compared with 1 or 4 times a day. George VT, Hegde V. These have been experimentally studied in mandibukar of endochondral or intramembranous origin.


Ilizarov showed that the fibrous matrix in the prolongated area is capable to differentiate by itself in lamellar bone tissue. Acquired or congenital alterations of this nature can have a significant aesthetic and functional impact. At 8 weeks, the epithelium had a completely normal appearance, with no scars in any area. Distraction osteogenesis is a technique for induction of new bone formation between two segments of a bone that presents wide possibilities of use in Dentistry. This phase usually lasts weeks, and the traction modifies the normal development of the regeneration process; and Consolidation phase is the disrraccion that allows the maturation and corticalization of the regenerated bone.

Distracción mandibular y articulación temporomandibular

Three modes of ossification during distraction osteogenesis in the rat. It consisted in fixed bolts in the proximal and distal portion of the segments and joined for a telescope tube. Mandibular micrognathia and unilateral mandibular hypoplasia are a typical feature of certain facial deformity syndromes, though can also appear as sequelae of maxillofacial hard tissue trauma.

With a continuous and lesser intensity force application the bone regeneration occurs in a faster speed and presents a lesser consolidation period Kessler et al. Histologic and radiographic analysis. It can be classified in two basic types: Osteoblastic activity oxea the rabbit temporomandibular joint during distraction osteogenesis assessed by fluoride positron emission tomography.

Clin Oral Mandbiular Res. Mandibular elongation and remodeling by distraction: He established the so-called Ilizarov effects: Los pacientes con deformidades craneofaciales requieren generalmente multiples y, a veces, complejos procedimientos quirurgicos para reconstruir tejidos blandos y ditsraccion alterados. Ilizarov performed tibial distraction in dogs.


Se considera que esto significa cambios adaptativos o remodeladores propios de la ATM. Los autores extraen una serie de conclusiones.

In clinical alveolar distraction studies, some authors attempted to approach this frequency by applying more than 1 distracxion procedure per day, distributing the daily amount of distraction between 2 sessions of 0. Ayuda de la revista. J oral maxillofac Surg ; All patients were treated at Advanced Specialty Medical Unit UMAE 71 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, which, for the last ten years, has been using the distraction osteogenesis method to correct mandibular deformities in children, with optimal results.

Temporomandibular joint; Mandibular distraction; Mandibular reconstruction.

Effect of mandibular distraction on the temporomandibular joint. Bone and cartilage formation in an experimental model of distraction osteogenesis. The concept of osteotomies was established in the century XIX when Malgaine described the distrqccion of the external setting in the treatment of patelares composed breakings McCarthy et al.

Histologic examination of the temporomandibular joint after mandibular advancement with and without rigid fixation: The aim of this article is to review the literature related to bone formation, mechanically induced by distraction osteogenesis, in order to supply subsidies the agreement of this process.

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