The RP is the middle model in Digitech’s new range of three digital guitar preamps, all of which take advantage of the company’s newly developed Audio. If you want to add an extra flare of style to your guitar playing, you can try the DigiTech RP effects pedal. This small yet versatile digital processor comes. The Digitech RP Guitar Modeling Processor is a comprehensive guitar workstation that makes Digitech’s Component Modeling technology easy and intuitive.

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Our members also liked: Note that by Sort this out a bit we can get a looper for five seconds with digital delay set to max, then playing, then adjusting the repetitions from 99 to and finally, turning the knobs presets c is not much but for this price there is bonus rp2250 I must say that I’m using it a lot. Dp250 my tastes, and Dual Rectifier Marshall imitations are very far from the original models.

You can enhance the audio playback of each riff written when you use the X-Edit guitar effect software to make changes to your songs.

I’ve also used it a few times just to play music through my guitar amp using my iPhone and the aux connection. Record each jam session by connecting the RP to your computer through the integrated USB port, and then track and edit your songs with your preferred recording software.

However do not expect to have a portable sound at will, because according to the size of the room as the amp and there are chain-end sound is profoundly changed. Regarding the effects are all several types of reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, and less common things like a variable pitch.


The down side was the software to set up effects on my PC. Small defect, apparently common among Digitech: Almost every parameter is available to be assigned. Amp Models Twenty-one amps and fourteen cabinets are modeled in bit sound. Couraging with the pedals.

You can even make the recording process more manageable by plugging your guitar into this processor that acts like a well oiled machine and cuts down on accessories that you need in the studio. It can therefore mimic some amps, and especially to create through a whole range of adjustment and its effects clean amp.


DigiTech RP-250 Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal

Rather beefy hardware, in expression pedal for a touchdown not great, but hey, y ‘one. This multi functioning unit can be plugged into any of your amps, and it can work seamlessly with standard audio equipment. Log in Become a member. However, taking his time we can find what you’re looking but really taking his time.

All user reviews for the DigiTech RP250

In terms of amp simulations, it is pr250 good! If you are looking for your favorite guitar tone, the RP comes loaded with factory presets, allowing you to plug in and start jamming without wasting any time trying to dial in the right effects. For each patch, all rglages displayed and can be modified with immediate effect. So for the scene is bof unable to pay on the other hand for home, it really is nickel, it can open opportunities that would not with another amp the wah is also good.

Sort by most recent most useful. The PDAL is complte trs in a housing mtal solid. The Dgitech Reverb simulation is stunning and it allows me to have less bulky gear. All the delays, distortions and especially the whammy effect works great for the modern rock we cover. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. At that price, it’s the ball!


I recommend however rp520 have an amp “clean” to connect the pedal on, it’s not a frontman 10w you have something clean. This modeling guitar processor can give you the power to control every aspect of your riffs with the AudioDNA2.

DigiTech RP Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal | eBay

For an input, a USB connection, headphone output, stereo outputs, not noon function rp205. If you are a musician who is looking for tonal versatility, then this multi effects pedal can be rp2550 exact tool that you have been dreaming of. This is a multieffects unit with limited amp modeling capabilities. The simulations are also pedals distos trs good and effective! It also facilitates 2-way audio streaming 2 streams up, 2 streams downmaking the RP an excellent interface for direct computer recording.

I run all of this into a mixer board and then out to some old AKAI stage speakers. Best Selling in Multi-Effects See all. And for all these styles should pedal.

I do it again this election, but now I have more sensitivity and musically I’m going to upper water dual corrected: Show More Show Less. There are effects autoyah funny style and vintage tremolo, after it must feel like to use it.