Eurand’s Diffucaps® technology enables the development of once-daily controlled-release (CR) capsules or patient-friendly orally disintegrating tablet ( ODT). Download scientific diagram | ORBEXA ® Technology 3) DIFFUCAPS ® Technology: Diffucaps is a multiparticulate bead system comprised of multiple layers of. DIFFUCAPS ® technology 4) DIFFUTAB ® Technology: Diffutab technology enables customized release profiles and region-specific delivery. Diffutab.

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Mechanism of drug release from pulsatile drug delivery system The mechanism of drug release from PDDS can be occurring in the following ways A swellable hydrogel plug was used to seal the drug contents into the capsule body. Development of single unit floating-pulsatile site specific drug delivery system for chronotherapeutic release of aceclofenac.

Magnetically induced pulsatile release Use of an oscillating magnetic to regulate the drug delivery from a polymer matrix was one of the first methodologies investigated to develop an externally controlled drug delivery system.

9. Pulsatile Drug Delivery System: Method and Technology Review | Insight Medical Publishing

Recent trends include Multiparticulate drug delivery systems that are especially suitable for achieving controlled or delayed release oral formulations with low risk of dose dumping, flexibility of blending to attain different release patterns as well as reproducible and short gastric residence time.

Gastric acid secretion is highest at night while gastric and small bowel motility and gastric emptying are all slower at night. The lag time can be varied by varying technolohy thickness or adding high amounts of lipophilic plasticizer in the outermost layer4, 8, 9,11,13,14,15,16, Diclofenac and chlorpheniramine dual-release tablets were designed with three drug regions, and dissolution of the tablets followed the model closely, exhibiting two onsets.


These beads provide higher drug concentration than other systems, can be coated with functional polymer membranes technoogy additional release rate control, are flexible and are suitable for use with sensitive materials, such as enzymes.

An osmotic pressure can be built up within the interior of the particle when water allows entering under the right circumstances. Platelet agreeability is increased and fibrinolytic activity is decreased in the morning, leading to a state of relative hypercoagulability of the blood. Chronic, programmed polypeptide delivery from an implanted, multireservoir microchip device.

At present, pulsatile drug delivery systems have great importance in various disease conditions specifically in diabetes where dose is suggested at different time intervals. This condition can be achieved by pulsatile drug delivery system which is defined as the rapid and transient release of certain amount of molecules within a short time period immediately after a predetermined difficaps release period i. The development of stimuli-sensitive delivery systems has been the latest topic of interest.

These pellet-filled capsules provide for extended release of the drug in the gastrointestinal tract.

The water insoluble polymer continues to act as a barrier maintaining the controlled release of drug. Ultradian Rhythms Shorter duration oscillations are termed as Ultradian Rhythms more than one cycle per 24 h. Technllogy secretion is high in the afternoon and at night. Design and evaluation of a dry diffucaps drug delivery system with floating— pulsatile release. This technology is designed to easily divisible tablets in exact smaller doses, thus dosage adjustment become easy.


Diffucaps® Customized Release Technology | Adare Pharmaceuticals | CPhI Online

This reaction can be used to drive the swelling of a pH-dependent membrane. Ultrasonically stimulated Ultrasound is mostly riffucaps as an enhancer for the improvement of drug permeation through a biological barrier, such as skin, lungs, intestinal wall and blood vessels. They provide constant drug levels at the site of action and prevent the peak-valley fluctuations.

Diffutab technology enables customized release profiles and region-specific delivery. Gels of this type of polymer display low viscosity teechnology ambient temperature, and exhibit a sharp increase in viscosity as the temperature rises.

9. Pulsatile Drug Delivery System: Method and Technology Review

The push layer contains among other things, an osmotic agent and water swellable polymers. Drug release from electric current sensitive polymers. It exhibit several advantages over the traditional zero or first order drug delivery mechanism. In case of cardiovascular diseases, BP is at its lowest during the sleep cycle and rises steeply during the early morning period.

Additional membranes may be added to further control release rate. Hydration of the osmotic engine leads to its expansion, which exerts a driving force against the ridge of the drug vessel. Evaluation of novel one-step dry-coated tablets as a platform for delayed-release tablets.

This technology can be used for sensitive drugs such as proteins. If our normal rhythm is disrupted we tend to become anxious e.