Desecration: Antichrist takes the Throne is the ninth book in the Left Behind series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins and published in As part of. The novel “Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne” is the ninth book in the Left Behind series. The series tells a fictionalized story of the final days of the earth. Desecration has ratings and reviews. Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne .. He had one small scene in the entire book devoted to Antichrist riding a pig into the temple, splashing a little pig Temple Mount where Carpathia followers are set to worship Carpathia’s image and take the mark of the beast.

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Though God allows those inflicted with the plague of sores to be healed so that Carpathia could send his forces after them, He also gives the Operation Throbe workers and refugees supernatural protection, causing the earth to swallow up the land troops in pursuit. I continue to listen to the audio books as I travel for work. This entry in the series is rather heavy handed with it’s gospel, at times preaching the Word for pages at a time where it could have easily been more succinct. He’s in control in these series – as He is in our own lives!

As millions take the Mark of the Beastthe first Bowl Judgment rains down as foul and loathsome sores appear on the bodies of all who have taken the mark, including Nicolae’s inner circle. Tsion is a Jew.

Desecration: Antichrist takes the Throne

Retrieved from ” https: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Meanwhile, Chloe is still the brains behind the co-op. While we are on the subject of angels, there was an angelic being who appeared to one antichrits them Tribulation Saints.


It just felt like something was missing, is all, and that “something” antcihrist took away from the book. Another thing that “bugged” me had to do with Michael the Archangel. Tsion Ben-Judah arrives at Petra to address the throng as the Antichrist launches an all-out attack against them.

This page was last edited on 17 Mayat There are a couple of sad parts, but I won’t spoil. So much learning all while reading a very compelling story! Antichrist Takes the Throne” is the ninth book in the Left Behind series. Very little happens in the first half of Desecration however the latter half ups the tempo somewhat and offers some genuine surprises. In Chicago, Chloe Williams discovers that there is another lighted building in the vicinity.

David Hassid, a computer engineer and important part of the Tribulation Force, is killed by two stray GC troops as he waits for the Christians to begin arriving in Petra. The Jews watching this event outside are outraged at this shameless defilement and cause a riot outside the Temple that makes Carpathia break the seven-year agreement he had made with Israel.

There were some other crazy moments where God was shown to be supernaturally protecting the Tribulation Saints at various times. I do not know why, but it was a somewhat intense moment for me. Very intense and hard to let go at times.

Desecration: Antichrist takes the Throne | Left Behind Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Meanwhile, Carpathia is forcing the people to worship him and take a mark of loyalty to him. In ChicagoChloe wanders off into the night and finds a group of believers whom she eventually aids hiding in a basement near the safe house. Antichrist Takes the Throne is the ninth book in the Left Behind series. The driver pulls some crazy stunts to the point he was following some GC vehicles across the desert when the GC vehicles disappeared in a vast chasm that opened up in front of them.


Chaim and Buck go to battle for the Lord as unbelievers are plagued by festering wounds in an attempt to bring more away from Satan’s hold over them.

Prologue and Chapter 1. It is te good. The Antichrist never reached the same “level” of evil and depravity that Hollywood spews out in its movies or you can read about in “true-crime” books.

Original series Left Behind: I also like that Chang is starting to become more strong in his faith, and his parents are starting to realize Chang has something they need.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Read more from the Study Guide. There was no build-up to this scene anywhere in the book, no reasons, other than his own mirth for why Antichrist would want to do this, and it simply fell completely flat.

Force and the GC. Chapters 8 and 9. This is a fictional story that engages the reader in what it might be like during the final days. Secondly, they hav I know that the Left Behind series is controversial among Christians and non-Christians alike, but I appreciate it for what it is. These books will make you think!