Another important development in the situation is the formation of the “Workers Front against the desafuero (impeachment) of AMLO”, to which. In Mexico, a desafuero is the removal of a public official’s privileged immunity Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), along with a request that the Mayor be. ¿Qué tan bueno o malo fue AMLO como jefe de Gobierno? .. formada por diputados del PRI y del PAN votó a favor del desafuero del Peje.

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Mexican general election controversies. They must be linked up locally, regionally and nationally to coordinate the struggle to improve the amll of work and life, and to struggle for the transformation of society! Archived from the original on 19 September He has called for a referendum over the energy reform es that ended Pemex ‘s monopoly in the oil industry.

A year later, he headed the Indigenous People’s Institute of Tabasco. Archived from the original on 27 January In Novemberhe announced some of his economic proposals: Archived from the original on 3 May The previous mayor of Mexico City, Rosario Robles, says that the owner of the land, Federico Escobedo Garduno, who owns a development company, wanted far too much money for the land. Retrieved 25 April Should investors be alarmed by this statement? Archived from the original on 15 October Retrieved June 16, The principles of non-intervention, self-determination and the peaceful settlement of disputes will be applied again.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

They will demand that he deliver desafureo his promises, and if he refuses, they will look for someone who can and will. When Hugo Chavez was elected President of Venezuela inUS imperialism and the Venezuelan oligarchy thought that he would be like any other politician — he could use his populist phraseology and rhetoric, but in the end he would succumb to the pressures of capitalism and imperialism and toe the line. Retrieved 19 June A revolutionary wave is rolling across Latin America and threatens to engulf the entire region.


The ruling of the congressional committee, the behaviour of the PRD leaders, and the action of masses tell us a few things: This is a clear warning to Obrador that a section of the ruling class is ready to fight. The constitution mandates that state governors are subject to their state congresses; it should be noted the Federal District is not a state. Archived from the original on deaafuero June Retrieved 8 May A figure of national consequence for more than 20 years Retrieved 8 October Desxfuero is often known for accusing the business and political elite of belonging to la zmlo del poder the power mafia.

Retrieved 29 October Either way, no matter what they decide, Mexican capitalism and US imperialism are facing an anti-imperialist, democratic mass movement. It was expected that this ” alternative cabinet ” would be used as a pressure mechanism to the initiatives of the government.

On April 27 President Fox announced changes to his cabinet, a reevaluation of the legal case against AMLO and legal changes so civil rights are only suspended until a citizen is found guilty. Archived from the original on 7 January He was the national leader of the PRD between and His chief pledge is to eradicate corruption, though he is vague on how he will achieve that beyond a combination of zero tolerance and personal honesty to sweep it out “from top to bottom like cleaning the stairs”.

He also claims his process to be a political plot orchestrated by, among other top politicians, former president Carlos Salinas de Gortariformer President Fox, and PAN presidential pre-candidate Santiago Creel.

Desafuero of Andrés Manuel López Obrador – Wikipedia

Instituto Federal Electoral [7]. Archived from the original PDF on deafuero May For instance there is long standing resentment by workers employed in the Federal District about the fact thatof them are still on casual contracts, and most of them without social security rights.

Retrieved 9 December He would also like to see Mexico use its oil resources to further fund social programmes for the poor, something that the Venezuelan government eesafuero done successfully.

He said that he was committed to increase the salaries and benefits given to law enforcement officials throughout Mexico. The th article of the Mexican Constitution states that most high-level elected officials cannot be prosecuted for desafyero offenses while in office without a simple majority vote of the Chamber of Deputies stating there are grounds for prosecution.


Mexico: Desafuero

Archived from the original on 22 November But there were none of the usual corruption or abuse-of-power charges one has become used to in Mexico: Archived from the original on 12 July The desafuero process started and gathered momentum during the second half of the Vicente Fox presidency, characterised by a growing sense of power vacuum as Fox was increasingly perceived by Mexican society and political actors as a ” lame duck ” incapable of pushing the ambitious reform agenda that swept him into power in His policy proposals include increases in financial aid for students and the elderly, amnesty for some drug war criminals[12] universal access to public colleges, [13] cancellation of the Mexico City New International Airport project, [14] a referendum on energy reforms that ended Pemex ‘s monopoly in the oil industry, [15] stimulus of the country’s agricultural sector, delay of the renegotiation of NAFTA until after the elections, [12] [16] the construction of more oil refineries, increased social spending, slashing politicians’ salaries and perks [17] and the decentralization of the executive cabinet by moving government departments and agencies from the capital to the states.

El Heraldo de Mexico. There have been recent student and strike movements as well as local and state electoral victories of the PRD, but in general the movement has been an undercurrent, slowly building pressure.

On its face, their main argument was the full enforcement of the law.