Another important development in the situation is the formation of the “Workers Front against the desafuero (impeachment) of AMLO”, to which. In Mexico, a desafuero is the removal of a public official’s privileged immunity Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), along with a request that the Mayor be. ¿Qué tan bueno o malo fue AMLO como jefe de Gobierno? .. formada por diputados del PRI y del PAN votó a favor del desafuero del Peje.

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Gabriel Quadri de la Torre.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on 29 October Government of Mexico www. The “democratic convention” started after the military parade. The New York Times. This will be relevant to the city’s future, as they are the ones legally entitled to name AMLO’s successor.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Mexican general election, and Opinion polling for the Mexican general election, Retrieved 15 June Leader of desafuerp Party of the Democratic Revolution — Consequently, the Court ruled that both interferences could not be considered as a sufficient judicial cause to annul the election. In Decemberhe presented his proposed cabinet: You are here Home Mexico: Retrieved 3 July This he hopes to achieve by clamping down on corruption and adjusting existing public spending programmes, most notably reducing the salaries of bureaucrats, including politicians.

It is said to protect them from blackmail and bribery. It is unlikely this would happen, for political reasons, despite the efforts of the private owner suing him. This was the main factor that ultimately forced the PAN and the government to reverse their course on this matter and to look for a political solution. The Dallas Morning News.


The new land had no accesses, making it useless; the hospital sued AMLO’s government. Archived from the original on 29 November The article reports that the PRI amo split down the middle on what do in this case.

Mexico: Desafuero

AMLO called the guarantee a “cowardly act”, as he wanted to be imprisoned. Retrieved 5 April Archived from the original on 20 December Instituto Federal Electoral [7].

The struggle will continue, and develop, and this will be reflected in the Desqfuero itself, which is now becoming a mass pole of attraction for radicalizing youth and workers. Retrieved 12 January Towards the end of the desafuero process, amid increasing perception of its politicization, this argument became less tenable, with support for the desafuero ultimately coming almost exclusively from militants of the PRI and PAN.

He also compared himself with Francisco I. Retrieved 19 July The US is playing with fire, and if Obrador is blocked, they could face a revolutionary explosion of the Mexican masses.

This line of arguing is followed up in the article by a quote from U. This page was last edited on 2 Julyat He also stated that if elected, he would firmly reject any intelligence activity from the United Statesincluding money and weapons in aid. Aside from the political power at risk, the untested legal system has shown deficiencies which will further prolong controversies.


En , Gabriela Cuevas le pagó la fianza a AMLO

The PRD, on the basis of a genuine socialist programme, could mobilize the masses and call for the overthrow of Fox and bring true democracy and socialism to Mexico. He studied political science and public administration at the UNAM from to desauero While the case was discussed in the Electoral Tribunal, the IFE has called for the candidates to refrain from proclaiming themselves as winner, president-elect, or president until the final resolution was taken.

In fact, things have gotten worse, especially with the downturn of and the workers, farmers and poor are now increasingly looking to Obrador for away out of the miseries of capitalism.

Such a movement — a mass, democratic, anti-imperialist movement with all the potential in the world to develop into an anti-capitalist, socialist movement — would have an enormous effect on the downtrodden and oppressed in the United States, millions of which, by the way, are from Mexico or are of Mexican origin. La Alo in Spanish. He did not cite any polls at the time, [78] later he referenced Covarrubias [79] and IMO. He said that he was committed to increase the salaries and benefits given to law enforcement officials throughout Mexico.