On Triton and Other Matters: An Interview with Samuel R. Delany The following text did not originate as any kind of formal interview. Instead it grew out of an. After the last post on Ursula Le Guin’s The Dispossessed, it made sense to me to read through Samuel Delany’s Trouble on Triton in my best of. The Dispossessed has the subtitle “An Ambiguous Utopia” and Triton answers with the subtitle “An Ambiguous Heterotopia.” In Delany’s long.

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Is it worth it? The later chapters include a horrible escalation of the interplanetary war.

Triton (novel) – Wikipedia

In modern Greek, by the bye, ornithos just means chicken. What kind of impact do you think such sections in the book have on the average reader—who definitely does not understand any of it. What we have is a story that isn’t quite plot-stuffed enough to act as a story and an essay that isn’t structured well enough to get its ideas across clearly so that even people who are thinking about this stuff hard may not be able to decipher it. In light of this, the quote you’ve presented, which is one of Bron’s musings, seems strangely out of place.

In regard to vlet, I feel as if I’m in something of the situation described in one of Triton ‘s epigraphs from—who is it? The ttriton was minor, this time rhythmic, more chant than song. It began accidentally, certainly.


Triton is a well-constructed, thoughtful, thought-provoking piece of literature. Not always the easiest to read, but when you’re on his wavelength it’s a real treat. Languages Bahasa Indonesia Svenska Edit links. As in Tritonin Dhalgren you’re not supposed to identify. I taught this novel for a course in Queer and Trans Lit this semester — it’s a thick novel as all of Delany’s are, thick with social observations and insights, and was challenging for some students, esp those who haven’t read much sf; nonetheless it spurred terrific convos, especially in relation to Giovanni’s Room both novels interrogate toxic white masculinity and Orlando ie.

Those people who are attracted to Arcadia will always see urban life as some form of Brave New World. No, certainly it would not be a utopia—though clearly I think its social system represents an improvement on our own. But thoughtlessness and accident are likely to lead to pregnancy, not prevent it. He finally realizes he’s thinking like a male.

A number of SF writers, in response to the question, “Where do you get your ideas from? In the Land of the Flies, fire and flood and earthquake—as well as famine and disease—are always shattering the quality of life.


Of course, he’d only have to listen to what people were actually saying around deelany to realize that the motivations he ascribes to them are impossible. But that level is, indeed, secondary—and really just an extension of the first. I suspect I’m not clever enough for it- but, you know, I hear Dhalgren is very clever, but similar to this I remembered while reading it I thought pockets of its description and arguments were interesting and highly original, but the delant was bland- and I’m always xelany a state of perpetual unease about who’s going to sleep with whom and what I’m supposed to think of it, even although I’m not engaged in the lives of any of the characters Or is that a coincidence?

It is an effective and unique character study of a narcissistic personality. I’ve done many a guerrilla ‘performance’, I’ve walked down the streets of Baltimore dwlany in totally bizarre clothes completely high at 3AM KNOWING that it was always open season on people who looked different, that I cd be killed at any moment, that dwlany was no such thing as police protection for peo This was probably the Delany bk that most intersected my own life. Hours and piles of titon notepads later, he shapes the outline of a narrative.

They include a lot of character development, philosophy and prose filled with symbolism and thematic elements. I’ve read somewhere that you don’t refer to your work as science fiction. And any one of those “accidents” happening at the wrong time or in the wrong order would bring the whole system to a halt. I suppose Delany sets up Triton itself as a heterotopia separate from the warring planets of Earth and Mars.

Delany takes the term heterotopia from the writings of philosopher Michel Foucault. I don’t like to use the term New Wave for anything, however metaphysical or material, that might be present in the world of SF today because it obscures the very real, hard edged, and extremely influential historical movement, called the New Wave, that existed through the late ’60s—a movement that included a number of very real writers as it excluded a number of others, me among themwho wrote real stories and novels that we can still enjoy today, who maintained real relations with one another, and who functioned within a galaxy of real ideas, which have had a lasting influence on the SF field.

And, sure enough, there is plenty of anarchist or anarchist-inflected SF. I don’t read a lot of science fiction, but years ago someone raved to me about Dahlgrenand so I’ve had Delaney on my radar ever since, and so am glad to hear a bit about him.

In such a system, an accident mitigates for the system’s not performing, for its shutting down. But its functioning can be thought about.

Babbling Books: Triton by Samuel R. Delany

If you want to delaany this argument and are interested in a more formal account of it, both in terms of its applications and its limitations, look at section 7 of an essay delan mine, “To Read The Dispossessed ,” in The Jewel Hinged Jaw. Delany the writer doesn’t exist. To find tritoon a political structure, we’d have to try velany out—and, far more important, be ready to revise our political structure when it didn’t work out the way we wanted.


I couldn’t help but imagine the cathartic enjoyment he experienced while writing the long-suffering Bron. Delanu some ways the parentheses were also an attempt to slow down the real reading time of the novel. Or he assumes the people were simply lying when they said those parts.

On its last page before the appendices begin, Triton is subscribed: It’s likely to come on when I’ve had to fly a lot, in a brief time, and—as a result—have gotten tired and had my general life schedule highly disrupted by all the flying I’ve recently done. High wit in this future comedy of manners allows Delany to question gender roles and sexual expectations at a level that, 20 years after it was written, still make it a coruscating portrait of “the happily reasonable man,” Bron Helstrom — an immigrant to the embattled world of Triton, whose troubles become more and more complex, till there is nothing left for him to do but become a woman.

I wanted to like this book, but rather than develop characters, a plot, or setting, Delany appears to throw a bunch of interesting ideas into a blender and set to frappe.

What I’d hoped at that point—again, a subjective reaction—is that the reader dlany have twigged by now to the fact that Bron is just not a nice man. The other character is, rather, a case study. Not current politics but on a universal level. Do you have any questions about SF in general? Fortunately, Triton is a very memorable book, which one might have expected coming from Samuel R.

I’m tritoh more and more that my trihon of what is a novel and what isn’t is much more limited than I expected- I think this is a response to reading the beautiful crafts that can come from writing like a tennis player with the net taut, rather than have it sagging and letting all kinds of balls get past- dekany long, oblique philosophical discussions- that only happen to take place on other planets or moons for reasons unclear- neither seems to me to be a novel, nor really sci-fi.