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It’s also clear why Islam became popular in Arab lands: But if you want to see how a spiritual scholar views Islam, then go ahead. The actual events of the Prophet’s life provide a cgopra framework fraught with conflict that propels the story forward.

Shouldn’t people who want to be enlightened about God go to the messenger? But despite that, he has done fairly well in painting the context and environment upon which Islam was born. I didn’t know much about Muhammad and the beginnings of Islam before but I think this book provided a good introduction to how Islam came about, not so much what Islam teaches.

: Deepak Chopra – Islam / Religion: Books

Sep 19, Solady Batterjee is currently reading it. If you are interested in Muhammad and the deepqk of Islam, and don’t want the history books, I recommend this little book that sheds a different light on Muhammad.

W I’ve read a number of biographies on the Arabian Prophet and found this book an interesting departure from the usual presentation. This is a reinvention of the wheel with rather questionable innovations.


Reading the story with a different eye gave me the ability to imagine how fearious it must have been. It is not meant to be a historical documentary nor is it an accurate depiction of actual events. Each chapter is written from the perspective of a different character, which gives a nice sense of how different factions reacted as well as people closer to him.

Apr 12, Lindsey rated it it was ok. He thought I meant BC. The feelings of the individua This is an important book to read for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The feelings of the individuals that were portrayed aren’t accurate because it is fictionalized as the author mentions in the introduction. Lists with This Book. Picturing all Arabs as barbaric! I cannot really put a label on my feelings after completing the book.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The third part was rather daunting, having to read about Muhammad’s struggles with hostility and persecution and fighting his way. I do believe that his writings was biased.

It was very readable; each chapter using a different voice from Muhammad’s life. I don’t think I would have ever read it on my own, but I’m glad that I did.

Muhammad: A Story of the Last Prophet by Deepak Chopra

The afterword bothered me, as Chopra presents a very orthodox picture of islam as Islam itself. Feb 05, Maryam Kd rated it did not like it. Feb 02, Alabas0d rated it did not like it.


I liked the book upto the point when God reveals himself to Mohammad. I remain perplexed by the images of such a gentle yet violent prophet; so unlike images we have of Jesus or Buddha.

Proefta in general is a touchy subject and no matter how an author discusses it, criticism is bound to appear. A Story of Revelation” after the Enlightenment series. I call myself Queen of the Nile, but the last time I looked there isn’t a crown under my pillow. It was well written, and despite the few little inaccuracies here and there, it stayed fairly faithful to the facts we know about the life of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

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This is one of those books that jumped off the library shelf, right into my path. In short, the novel itself is worth reading, but the afterword only feeds into existing prejudices and stereotypes about Islam. By writing each chapter from a different character’s perspective, including Muhammad’s enemies, Chopra offers fascinating perspective and varies what might otherwise be a monotonal story.

Dec 25, Khaleel Datay rated it liked it. Especially since facts are altered rather than simply expanded upon, making it historically inaccurate. Islamic is a total way of life, including personal life and governance.