The complete series list for – Deadworld J.N. Duncan. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time. Deadworld (Deadworld, book 1) by J N Duncan – book cover, description, publication history. Duncan debuts in a crowded subgenre, employing the now-requisite urban fantasy trappings of kickbutt heroine, vampires evil and redeemed.

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Posted May 22, by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. They tended to get mired down by their personal angst and it slowed the story down.

And sadly, Jackie was just the first in a string of uninteresting, unsympathetic characters. I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review.

The latest case Jackie and Laurel are working on is bad. The Cover and Title The cover confuses me.

Deadworld is about an FBI agent Jackie who is trying to solve a murder with several “otherworldly” aspects about it.

I loved Laurel from the very beginning.

Then there’s Nick and the people that work with him. Oct 31, Brooke Johnson rated it liked it. However, a story generates expectations. Her history and body count would never make the Police Academy Training Manual, but Martin is okay with this. Laurel barely registers and Jackie was obnoxiously hard-nosed. View all 10 comments. That I can’t say, but I probly will if for nothing else than to see if the author improved and grew as a writer.

And I am so glad I did. While doing my usual putzing around on Twitter while sipping the morning coffee yesterday, I started hearing some tweets about a book, and people were not happy. Nobody had the sensibilities required to handle the lunatic asylum of Harbortown, and she was just supposed to turn over the keys to her secret vault to some hack marine?


Jackie and her partner and BFF Laurel are doing their best to stop one heartbreaking murder after another.

Deadworld (Deadworld, book 1) by J N Duncan

Search All Things Urban Fantasy. I’d give it a 4. Tiah March deadwoeld, That cover! So Jackie dadworld fine with any help rugged P. I found the authors take on vampires and the paranormal world refreshing and creative. As far as urban fantasy novels go, this one isn’t a great success. Shelby Fontaine was brought over by Nick in the s when she lay bleeding out.

Some genres, however, have a certain level of expectation built into them that necessitates a particular kind of ending. I found our protagonists, Jackie Rutledge and Nick Anderson, to be very interesting characters. Jackie and her psychic partner, Laurel have been called in to investigate the brutal killings of two children that were exsanguinated. Incredibly cliche and predictable. The other characters were not anything special.

Nobody said it would be easy, but the options were limited when one got dishonorably discharged from the Corps. Duncan began writing at the age of fourteen thanks to a wonderful grandmother, who was a published mystery writer. Everything else swirled around it, the pieces of the plot-puzzle seamlessly interlocking around him and his dastardly actions. And still let these vamps babysit an agent on the edge?

Many years, numerous false starts, and a couple of college degrees later, the dream of publication has been achieved. We just hope that a large enough group of folks will feel the same way we do dunxan keep us in the writing business that we love so much.

Writing in the Dark. Meanwhile, Jackie and Laurel are trying to figure out how, who, or what is killing these people and leaving absolutely no trace while also hounding Nick and Shelby as to their involvement. After that I kept reading eagerly, hoping things were going to come together, but I felt the plot didn’t resolve; and, except for the car chase, the climactic scenes were hard for me to visualize.


I am truly impressed and found this book to be entertaining as well as fresh.

Early Review: Deadworld by J.N. Duncan

All in all I can’t say that this is a bad book but neither is it a good book. Jackie is supposed to be duncaan but I think she’s just self-destructive view spoiler [ she drinks a lot, which in and of itself doesn’t bother me but it’s the constant one night stands she has which culminates into her almost killing a man after her partner does. An old vampire has been playing games with Nick Anderson for well over years now.

It comes with the territory. View all 5 comments.

Deadworld : J. N. Duncan :

Its blue-white glare cast a ghostly cone of light down on the cadaver’s table, upon which the Agatha lookalike lay. Yes the main female FBI agent is often abrasive and hard-edged but as the story progresses we learn what in her own background Other books in the series. That said, I am currently writing one, creating it for the purpose of submitting my psychological-crime drama-romance mashup, Harbortown.

The deadwor,d investigator, Nick, and his partner Shelby who’s a hoot and a half are both vampires, and they’re ex-lovers he turned her decades ago to save her life. I am so weary.