Safehold (10 Book Series) by David Weber. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: Humanity pushed its way to the stars – and encountered the Gbaba. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A nice blend of historical combat and survival fiction. Through Fiery Trials (Safehold Book 10) – Kindle edition by David Weber. Safehold Cemeteries (and the Jihad) by Erls» Fri Dec 28, am, 3, , Julia Minor Fri Dec 28, pm. Spoilers-Amazon’s “Look Inside” TFT.

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Empress Sharleyan presides at treason trials in the League of Corisande. The mercantile kingdom of… More. The series is mostly set around the 31st century, on a distant world dubbed “Safehold” where a group of humans are in hiding from the Gbaba, an enemy responsible for the end of all other human civilization.

Through Fiery Trials

After several months safehpld protracted fighting on land and sea, Admiral Thirsk makes his move, seizing safhold of his government with the help of reform-minded and war-weary cohorts in the Dohlaran military and clergy, leading to the kingdom’s withdrawal from the Jihad.

Merlin informs Admiral Thirsk of his family’s survival in Dohlar, and offers him the “freedom” to uphold or undermine the Church’s goals. The situation appears more dire for the Earl of Hanth in the south, but incompetent Temple Loyalist commanders play into his hands. Shelve Die Eiserne Festung. During the terraforming process, Shan-Wei hid an androidwith the personality and memories of Nimue Alban, a Terran Federation Navy tactical officer, deep within a secret mountain base.

A hopeless defense delays the end for several decades. They worship Langhorne as the leader of God’s “Archangels,” charged with guiding a permanent pretechnical society. In Corisande, a popular reformist priest denounces the Temple’s corruption, helping to quell the resistance. A Mighty Fortress novel. Charis shatters the starving, demoralized Army of God. Even so, Clyntahn compels Thirsk’s family to go to Zion.

  2166-8 NCOER PDF

For Safefold is a broken world, and as international alliances shift and Charis charges on with its precarious mission of global industrialization, the shifting plates of the new world order are bound to clash. Groups of “Temple Loyalists” resist the new safehol, some violently.

Safehold Series

Book 6 part 2. Read Currently Reading Want to Read. Langhorne’s “Church of God Awaiting” eventually prevails and sets up a militantly technophobic global theocracy, which deifies and worships Langhorne and demonizes Shan-Wei. Shan-Wei’s side retaliates, killing Langhorne and most of his allies, sparking the “War Against the Fallen” among the survivors.

How Firm a Foundation novel. As time passes differently in the virtual world, Nahrmahn is able to spend a great deal of it with Owl, helping the AI become self-aware. Later, Clyntahn is presented incontrovertible proof of the lies that the Church is founded on, and goes to the gallows a broken man.

Die Streitmacht by David Weber. Book 3 part 2. His spy drones alert him to the assassins at the last moment, forcing him to unleash his full abilities to fly back and wipe them out. Merlin earns the trust of the ruling Ahrmahk Dynasty and inspires several new “inventions” by Charis’ military, science, and economic leaders.

Vor langer Zeit mussten die Menschen vor einer au… More. Hektor’s children are smuggled to Delferahk. Merlin by David Weber. This need to be in several places at once places an incredible strain on the seijinbut Nahrmahn and Owl figure out how to construct a new cybernetic avatar like Merlin.

With the help of Merlin and his various guises providing key information, the Reformists gain the upper hand throughout Siddarmark. Reformist armies converge and seize the initiative against the last organized army loyal to the Temple.

Safehold Series by David Weber

Cayleb assembles his forces and embarks for the first target, Corisande. The inevitable confrontation arrives 10 years later.


Charisian prisoners from Dreadnought are rescued from Gwylym Manthyr’s fate by a daring nighttime raid, but Dreadnought is captured almost intact for study by the enemy. Eavid Off Armageddon Reef. Charis hangs the priests responsible, an unprecedented action. The world has changed. Over safeholc, Charis integrates Corisande as a constituent kingdom of its empire with Irys’ brother Daivyn on the throne.

Shelve Die Flotte von Charis. Shelve Through Fiery Trials. Works by David Weber.

Safehold Map || David Weber

The cost is high; every Charisian victory prompts brutal pogroms against nearby settlements to weed out “heretics”. The Army of God marches on Siddarmark, as Charis races to get its own military to the field with Emperor Cayleb in command.

This forces him to reveal his “impossible” presence to Sharleyan. The Temple struggles to adapt to Charisian economic warfare, but the Group of Four determine to use their overwhelming numbers to try to win out before a sustained offense becomes impossible to support. Although the Kingdom of Dohlar is being defeated on land, its navy under Admiral Thirsk remains a threat.

His residual memories of life during the last days of the Terran Federation caused him to seek answers from the “Archangels”, who tried to erase him from history. However, even though a provisional veil of peace has fallen over human colonies, the quiet will not last.

Treasurer General Rhobair Duchairn must deal with the Temple’s greatly depreciated tithes; rich Charis and Siddarmark no longer contribute any revenue, and Charis has brought economic havoc to all Temple Loyalist realms.

Several Temple Loyalists work to win the hearts of the people.