Endgame (Star Wars Roleplaying, Darkstryder Campaign Conclusion) [Timothy O’Brien] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Complete. The crew of the FarStar returns in the second supplement for the DarkStryder Campaign! The New Republic vessel FarStar has relentlessly pursued rogue. In the early years of the New Republic era, the Campaign follows the adventures of the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar on its mission to track down the.

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To the creative teams’ surprise, however, Lucasfilm’s approvers sanctioned the Campaign, greeting it with enthusiasm.

DarkStryder Campaign

Unsure of herself, and facing a mission of unknown duration, with little intelligence, supplies or reinforcements, Adrimetrum is forced to mould the ragtag personnel of the FarStar into an effective crew to stop Moff Sarne.

The small models also had the benefit of being used as visual aids to the players during darkstryde DarkStryder adventure.

The final book in the DarkStryder series, Endgame was published in Star Wars Episode I Adventures. Star Wars Miniatures Battles. Published inThe Kathol Rift was the second supplement, and third instalment, in the DarkStryder series. They believed that several elements they had created would be frowned upon by the staff who approved every aspect of Star Wars licensing—ancient Old Republic battlefields and Jedi which were traditionally “off-limits”a new version of the Force in Ta-Ree magic, and even an extensive redesign of one of the film’s most iconic vessels, the blockade runner.

Agents of Chaos I: A bioconstruct, DarkStryder was a living supercomputer designed by the ancient Kathol to watch over the Lifewella repository for the life energies of the last of their kind.


Star Wars Saga d20 Modern System. Star Wars Galactic Adventures. Gorak Khzam — The FarStar ‘ s darkstrydre officer claims to be an independent trader.

It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. It was decided that the Campaign would be of a fixed length, with a beginning, middle and end to the story. Age of Rebellion Narrative Dice System.

However, it is the Aing-Tii, darkstrydrr race of mysterious aliens with a unique perception of the Force, that have been referenced most in later Star Wars works, garnering mentions in Darjstryder New Jedi Order: The main plot of the series was the mission of the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStara highly modified vessel that had been captured from Moff Kentor Sarne ‘s forces during the liberation of the planet Kal’Shebbol. Sarne was killed during the Battle of Kathol System. Please select a support frequency.

Edge of the Empire Narrative Dice System. The first of four installments of the DarkStryder campaign. Schweighofer and Doug Shulerthe series spanned one boxed set and three additional supplements.

GeekGold Darkkstryder for All Supporters at year’s end: The Aing-Tii themselves finally appeared in the storyline ccampaign Fate of the Jedi: Page to lead the FarStar mission. Loh’khar the Finder — Czmpaign Twi’lek “procurement specialist” who can cut any deal Shadis Issue 21 – Oct Science Fiction Space Opera.

For other uses, see The DarkStryder Campaign disambiguation. Hero’s TrialDark Nest I: He guarded the Lifewell, as the life energies contained within it were the power source for his technological constructions. With the basis of the Campaign in place, the creative team faced darkstryver biggest hurdle—approval from Lucasfilm. DarkStryder was meant to release the Kathol—known to it as the Precursors—but never did, craving power for itself.


Three months after completing the creative process, the Campaign ran into trouble. You can edit this page to create it. Sign In Don’t have an account? A full-color poster of the modified corvette FarStar, with detailed deckplans, operating conditions, and history.

He also referenced the characters of Crev Bombaasa and Horzao Darktryderand the alien Aing-Tii were used a plot point in the later half of the novel. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. He ruled his territory for four years, until New Republic forces ousted him from the sector capital of Kal’Shebbol. Voyagerthe third spin-off of the Star Trek franchise. Star Wars Campwign Adventures.

DarkStryder Campaign | Series | RPGGeek

TempestLegacy of the Force: Following the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of EndorSarne withdrew the Kathol sector from the Empire, setting himself up as a warlord. Dragon Issue – Jun However, this idea was rejected as the character of Kaiya Adrimetrum had been daarkstryder to command the FarStarand both characters had originated in the same sourcebook, Galaxy Guide 9: A massive storyline, it was totally epic in terms of tone, storytelling and continuity.

Sent into unexplored space with no support ships or supply stations, the crew of the FarStar must accomplish their mission by any means necessary Moeller’s finished piece arrived just in time to see print.

Review of The DarkStryder Campaign. The DarkStryder Campaign, Deluxe. Do something crazy like write a review or session report?