Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist () responds to events unfolding in Italy in the late s and early s. Generally, it looks at police corruption. We tend to associate political theatre with the glum and the strident. But Dario Fo’ s Accidental Death of an Anarchist, which Belt and Braces are. Writers: Dario Fo (play), Gavin Richards (adaptation) Gavin Richards in The Accidental Death of an Anarchist () Add Image · See all 2 photos». Edit.

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But a plea-bargain-seeking former militant has accused Adriano Sofri, now 54 and a respected writer and lecturer, of having “ordered” Calabresi’s murder. In a comment on the commedia aspects of Fo’s play HarlequinCairns describes the relationship between tradition and innovation so characteristic of Fo’s work in general:. The Maniac orders the three policemen to re-enact the events of the interrogation; in turn fabricating many of the events, such as changing beating the anarchist to making jokes with him, incorporating new lines into the transcript and even breaking out in song.

Last, in the way that he consistently contradicts himself, he reminds audiences of the discrepant testimony of the police at the inquest and hearings that followed the real-life anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli’s death.

Bawdy humor focuses on bodily functions, such as the fun Fo derives from the lustily farting Maniac: He is a reflection, in other words, of the distortion of facts for which the policemen involved in the actual case became known. The reaction in Avcidental, from the world of “traditional” literature, was predictable.

That way, people can let off steam, get angry, shudder at the thought of it … ‘Who do these politicians think they are? He and his wife Franca Rame, acciental their Fo-Rame Theater Company, enjoyed great popular success both on stage and on television, but their audience consisted of people who were part of the establishment, unable to comprehend or accept their radical ideas.

Through their actions and words he is also “seen” by the audience. Sure enough, the fourth-floor inspector arrives outside Bertozzo’s door, and the audience sees an arm stretch out to punch Bertozzo in the face.

As the Magistrate, the Maniac corrects the police versions of the events. Political playwrights employ self-reflexive strategies because they are against real-world political illusion. For example, as quoted in Tom Behan’s Dario Foa real-life Milan police officer is on record as speaking as follows at a hearing about whether or not he heard another officer say something when Pinelli was being interrogated:.

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Did you know that when Saint Gregory was elected Pope, he discovered that his subordinates were up to all kinds of skullduggery in an attempt to cover up various outrageous scandals? The play, it is true, does draw somewhat on the tactics of medieval revelry, in that the main protagonist is a fool or “maniac” who is so naive that he doubts the official story, and so rash and ffo that he says so out loud.

As in the case of Sports Jacket, the Maniac succeeds in tricking the Superintendent into incriminating himself.

Just what I was looking for! Other disturbances and changes were afoot as well. Bertozzo deaht that “Piccini” is the Maniac, after seeing his coat and hat on a stand.

At this point in the play, the Maniac has hit on the idea of impersonating a judge. It is to this second modern convention that Dario Fo’s Harlequin belongs. This process creates difficulties of its own, as the resemblance between an original text and a retranslation is comparable to that between a bullet in the anarcgist of a gun and a bullet which has ricocheted off a steel plate. He acknowledges having received his training in a number of mental institutions.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist

In essence, he uses one part of the establishment against another Morte accidentaleepilogue. The lack of broken bones suggests that the anarchist was already dead before he fell. The Constable is present in most of accidental play but has a fairly small role, speaking only occasionally.

The invisible fourth wall of theater is the one between audience and stage. Then, Fo’s plays began to resemble more typical dramas, at least in the sense that they became less episodic and less strictly comical in effect. Revealing that the bomb replica can in fact work, setting it off on a timer, the Maniac has Bertozzo join his fellow policemen. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Left-wing organizations, furthermore, were flourishing and gaining power, including those on the Far Left, favoring revolution over reform.


Little is gained from reading a score, because the work comes to life only in anarchiet. On stage there are no clear heroes or villains, for Fo’s primary interest is not in assigning blame but rather in opening a political dialogue.

The Accidental Death of an Anarchist (TV Movie ) – IMDb

As Bonifacio is preparing for a ceremony, Christ appears, turning the rite into an interrogation, as the Son of God questions the pontiff about an orgy of involving bishops, prostitutes, and cardinals which Bonifacio had organized.

Unlike television, where viewers see everything laid out in front of them, Fo’s audiences must participate actively with their imagination and especially with their discussions once the performance is over. Sports Jacket is the policeman who, early in the play, calls Inspector Bertozzo’s office and ends up having a conversation with the Maniac.

He has a role at the play’s beginning, as the policeman interviewing the Maniac for impersonating a psychiatrist. Tricksters are quite often lesser societal figures tricked by those more elevated.

Utterly frustrated, Inspector Bertozzo tells the Maniac that he can go. At one moment, he questions the inspector and Constable severely, as if he knows they are somehow responsible for the anarchist’s death. He seems intent on finding a way to make a charge against the Maniac stick. Fo sees the comics of the commedia as having become part of the establishment. As director or interpreter, Fo takes to himself the role of inspired and liberating contributor to the creative process, but wants his own directors and translators to be artisans, to be hewers of his wood and drawers of his water.

Of the three upper-echelon police characters appearing in Accidental Death of an AnarchistInspector Bertozzo spends the least amount of time on stage. Fo’s giullare serves the people, entertains them, but especially uses satire to show them their condition and spur them to action. In the first two years after its premiere Morte accidentale was staged approximately two hundred times and more thanpeople saw the play. Bertozzo, to the dismay of the Superintendent, agrees.