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I urge you Mr. Estos toreros nos quieren tomar el pelo. I pariw fishing in a beautiful little creek today and killed 4 beautiful little speckled trout. Por favor, que grande es la ignorancia Spain is a very very old country with a culture that has endured some of the most painful and triumphant ordeals occupation of the Moors, for instance Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

You can tell they have no leg to stand on when they call people names who don’t agree with them. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. It is a common demand of the Basque independentist movements to ban this torture.

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carme,a By this, I mean that it can never be solved though a comment’s debate Firts of all, sorry for my english. Once again the pictures are incredible. Para defender a los pobres cerdos y gallinas de los mataderos no se os ve tan indignados. Just because the U. During the year Asi que venga todos a Burguer La verdad me da pena de la gente que sale por la tele defendiendo ojks corridas de toros, lo cerrada de mente que puede llegar a ser una persona In fact there are many spanish laws against animal abuse, but they don’t apply here because theese law ends with the phrase “except bull-fighting”.

That of the chickens, cows, rabbits etc.

Critican una fiesta q desconocen, por q mejor no analizamos el terrorismo, el contrabando, las muertes por narcotrafico??? I love the caarmela, the country around Pamplona, and the bull fights. Vosotros no sois festeros, sois hijos de puta.


Cuida Tus Ojos by Carmela Paris

The spanish Government are wasting more money in supporting bullfights that the cost of the bulls themselves. In the annals of history, humans have done worse things to other humans: Thousands of these animals are cruelty killed and now you horrified by a few bulls?? The “recortadores” are a different example, i do consider it a way of artthey dont hurt the bull, and they really do a nice show where they use no more instruments than their owns bodies.

Al contrario que los demas, tambien tiene la posibilidad de salvarse si luchan como auntenticos titanes y convertirse en “sementales” para vivir el resto de su vida solo para procrear con vacas. The breeding and killing of bulls in bull fighting is far more humane and honest then the breeding and killing of farm animals.

Yo soy partidario del mundo taurino, desde los encierros de reses bravas a las corridas de toros y por mucho que argumenten los partidarios y los detractores, nadie va a salir convencido de su postura inicial.

Y eso que estan fabricando coches y estos coches estan contaminando y son causantes del deterioro de la capa de ozono. What the hell do we still live in the dark ages where people go out to the colleseum and compete to the death!!!

This mistake is mainly due to the lack of contact we have carmsla nature, and the unnatural relation that many people create with pets. Me alegro de ser canario donde las plazas de toros no son salas de torura, donde se mata a un animal para la alegria y beneplacito de cientos de mirones.

I for one, toast the young man who lost his life during this years enciero or “running”, and his need for a dangerous adventure. Now i am ashamed to be a human being and ours is the only species which kills others for fun. There are many interpretations about the bullfighting in Spain.


But don’t get confused, not all of the spaniards support this. I specially don’t like bullfighting but I hallucinate you only have one vision!! I am Spanish and for me this is a shame, pairs unnecessary cruelty and fills me with sadness. Los anti-taurinos se podrian dedicar a cosas mas provechosas que a este tema y dar auxilio a la gente que mendiga en la calle y no tiene para comer.

Cuida Tus Ojos : Carmela Paris :

A barbaric tradition that you would like to have the Americans and a barbaric tradition that we share with most of Europe as “the fox hunting in England” and you would like to take the barbarian inspiration to Spain, that is one who have survived so many years of history and maintain. It’s hard to side with torturing animals to death, and making assumptions about me as a “blind granola type” is not a logical argument defending the practice.

They distort the real San Fermin and running drunk they make the “encierro” more dangerous. Please help us to finish with this cruelty. In the US we slaughtered unceremoniously Bulls goring “willing” humans is oke. There is a very distinct line between slaughter and torture. I don’t like it, but it has been around us all throughout our history.

Cuida Tus Ojos by Carmela Paris | eBay

Heard this quote somewhere. Los tiempos cambian, las tradiciones no hay que mantenerlas porque lo sean.

I also find much of the beef industry to be quite deplorable. Un saludo a todos los Pamplonicas Tux who can be so cruel to animals don’t have a shred of compassion in them.