38 likes. Halaman facebook CPNS KESDM adalah sarana bagi kita semua yang diterima sebagai CPNS di lingkungan KESDM tahun penerimaan. Buat disclaimer saja, saat ini gue termasuk salah satu dari sekitar an CPNS di Kementerian ESDM yang ikut tes CPNS dan masuk mulai April Read all of the posts by monraphita on pojok monicantik: my corner to be free.

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Sekarang gue menjadi pemakai tetap Kojie San dan untungnya sabun ini nggak terlalu susah dicari, tapi jelilah membandingkan harga karena selisih antara beberapa toko lumayan juga loh! Jadi begitu kira-kira hitungannya. But you have to have sufficient research experience to get in.

Your brain and your best friend tell you to bail. Coincidentally I was on my way downstairs from the 16th loor because I had something to fetch from my cubicle.

I gave the senior nun a sincere smile and thank you. So, to get a picture of how it went this year kira-kira begini:. Esd, ternyata ada pelamar di atas dia yang ngundurin diri, jadinya nama dia geser ke atas, dan jadinya diterima dan dipanggil buat daftar ulang dan melengkapi berkas.

Kojie San di salah satu supermarket di area Bintaro harga Mei It was a bit intimidating at first since most of the people going there were very experienced with years of experience, compared to the newbie I am with only one year of experience.

No surprise parties, or cute packages sent, no birthday wishes I was too shy to announce it was my birthday today to everyone on the bus. Even though the mood is right to put your arm on his shoulder, you hold back. Honestly I had mixed feelings about the whole trip. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia Postcode. Untuk medical check up, tes narkoba, dan tes psikologi uang yang gue habiskan hampir 1 juta itu di RS Fatmawati.

February — January No wonder this ritual is linked to the Sacrament of Confession. It was either to stick to my career here and delay 20133 school in hopes cons finding a better school with a program that fits to my needs and career aspirations or resign from a job that I just got in for 2 weeks or so and enter a PhD program in Chemical Engineering with zero work experience whatsoever at the age of 22 with an opportunity to work abroad since the scholarship was from the university, I had not obligation to return to Indonesia, unlike scholarships from governmental organizations.


Compared to the OPEC Seminar, this conference was heavily dominated by private sector participants obviously.

So finally the day of departure came. During the s commodities boom the coal mining industry was very lucrative as coal. Misalnya lo ngincer posisi di Ditjen Dsdm yah at least harus tau lah isu terkini seputar migas, UU No. The news came in by surprise because at that time work was a feeding frenzy of deadlines and PowerPoint slides. Formatnya wawancara, sendiri-sendiri, tapi yang mewawancarai bisa 1 atau lebih.

Gue udah sebulan menggunakan sabun Kojie San dengan intensitas pemakaian satu kali sehari gue pakai untuk mandi sore sepulang 203. Quarry Machine For Ore. Tapi ya sayangnya soal doang dan 2103 saat itu di Gramedia yang gue kunjungin nggak ada buku Detik-Detik seperti gambar di bawah.

kementerian esdm

Edsm all you need is a night drive. Misalnya lo ngincer posisi di Ditjen Migas yah at least harus tau lah isu terkini seputar migas, UU No. The rule of thumb of zero expectations was also applied.

After 1 year of probation, I can finally take some days off after April next year. Amanat UUD pasal 33 ayat 3 menyebutkan bahwa bumi, air dan kekayaan alam yang terkandung di dalamnya dikuasai oleh negara dan dipergunakan untuk sebesar-besar kemakmuran cnps. Last year when it was open for abstract submission I was thinking of submitting an article about policies regarding natural gas.

I also met up with my college senior who works in Saipem, Paris.

– Pendaftaran CPNS Kementer – Cpns Esdm

Well at least working in the public sector enables me to travel a lot in this case, being single is a perkor at least attend events and functions at hotels and stuff so yeah, all is well.


Before departing with the ESDM group, we had the chance to hang out a bit. Nyopotnya, surprisingly, gampang banget nggak serem seperti yang gue bayangkan dan gue lihat temen-temen yang megang matanya. And these small impulses that we choose to follow through on this silly night drive become memories we might laugh or smile at in the future. Laporan Kebencanaan Geologi 20 Desember Industry – Coal Mining – IDNFinancials List of public companies engaged in coal mining industry and active in bond trading in Indonesia stock exchanges.

Lo nggak bisa milih formasi yang bukan diperuntukkan buat jurusan lo. We’re here to help: I try my best to keep my bag nice and tidy and make sure each item has a clear function. The famous hazelnut wafer and a glass of wine. So it was an interesting experience to taste the best of both worlds.

Pendaftaran CPNS 2013 Kementerian ESDM

TKD ini nih yang buku bank soalnya buanyak bener di toko buku, dan biasanya menjelang tes variasinya makin banyak dan space yang ditempatin di toko buku juga lebih gede. The senior nun, said a prayer, and I responded. Review itu bagus ya bahasa Inggris sih emang tapi komprehensif banget, 1 PDF udah mencakup banyak hal. Luckily our class is still close thanks to our occasionally active Whatsapp group and get togethers.

Data dan Informasi Geosain. Selain persiapan substantif buat nyiapin isi tes…. At the same time, do not let yourself fall in that same trap ever again. Milihnya juga sesuai jurusan. And receiving that assignment, I made a mental note of things I had to prepare for that trip like: So it was exciting, especially when my eager eyes spotted the Eiffel tower for the very first time, even from a very far distance.