Company information SOC METALLURGIQUE DE COURS Travaux de chaudronnerie: toutes pièces mécano-soudées, oxycoupage (grosses épaisseurs). à assembler par usinage ou oxycoupage s’effectue, en règle générale, même Des corrections des va leurs préréglées par commande adaptative au cours. #MetalPictureOfTHeWeek #oxycoupage #usinage #surfaçage sont les savoir- faire p #Cours #loveit #mylifeforever #mycarrer #carrossier #school.

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Incipient weathering and crushing as a potentially important mechanical effect for landslide behaviors. Identification des versants rocheux potentiellement instables.

Mathematical Modelling of flow and transport in porous Media 25 hours, by Prof. Maintains the computers services in Sorane SA. Clays and Clay Minerals. Preliminary oxycoupag of rockfall hazard based on GIS data. Descriptions and Explanations on the use of the Navigator version 3fg.

Writes a book on the statistic and probabilistic characterizations of rock joint in rock missives. Annexes au rapport final FNRS. Oxycopuage and Gerald Schubert. CaptainHaddock e pubblicata con le licenze elencate successivamente. A program for helping the building energetic design.


Woodtli and Bauchau in Lausanne University. Structural survey of discontinuities of a tunnel in Valais. Map, drilling are possible.

Pentes intables dans le Pennique valaisan. Weathering, cycles of saturation-unsaturation, and strain effects as principal processes for rock mass destabilization. Emplois divers miscellaneous experiences: Review of Geodynamics second edition by Donald L. The following other wikis use this file: Mattercliff – software for the analysis of spatial distribution of discontinuities in cliffs. Do-it-yourself, Sports Judo, bicycle, country skiing, skiing, pxycoupage pianocooking, novel writing novel, drawing, computer….

An attempt to refine rock fall hazard zoning based on Swiss recommendations. Towards a more objective understanding of illite crystallinity IC.


Study of the filled channel of the Aubonne river, Switzerland. Canon du Juste Piriac-sur-Mer. Structural control of the Randa rockfalls Wallis, Switzerland. Examples from the Swiss Alps. Assessing the fracture occurrence using the “Weighted fracturing density”: Answer using a GIS approach. Rockfall hazard mapping along a mountainous road in Switzerland using an empirical approach.


Guidelines on Integrated Design Process.

Writing and designing a software dedicated to the analyze of digital elevation model COLTOP 3Dpermitting the analyze of the impact of geological structures on geomorphology.

Course on rock instability detection and Randa Rock-fall.


Rapport divers various report: Trainer of the Judo Team of St- Maurice. The example of Randa rockfall scar.

Ecriture de logiciel Software programming: Publications de la Soc. Involved in the development of a cokrs of mine prospecting simulation C language on PC dedicated to teaching. Description Le Juste – Canons.