Authorized Oracle Primavera, Asta Powerproject and PMWeb Software Sales. • Experienced . Turn Asta “Flags” into Start. Constraints in P6. Hi to All, I am trying to export ASTA PP files to P3 using export option on Asta. But I am getting the error ” Invalid work Pattern position”. First you need to export your project from ASTA Power Project to a Microsoft Project XML-file. To do so please select “File” in the top left corner.

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If any WBS codes include period characters, these characters are removed during the export; if this would result in an empty WBS code, a question mark is inserted as the WBS code.

Have your logo here? Task durations When you export a project, all durations are rounded up or down to the nearest planning unit – ie Days or Hours, depending on the planning unit you select during the export.

The activities in the outline level are called ‘topic’ activities. As it is not possible to colour the bar chart in Microsoft Project using colours conveft patterns that have been assigned to code library entries, code library appearance data is not exported.

Code libraries Unlike Asta Powerproject, Primavera software allows only a single code from a code library to be assigned to powfrproject task. Negative costs and income Asta Powerproject supports positive and negative costs, and positive and negative income.

Cost account names must be unique in Primavera software, so numbers are appended to the names of Asta Powerproject cost centres if required to ensure that this is the case. Costs in Primavera software have an additional field that does not exist in Asta Powerproject, representing the expenses category. Tasks with multiple code assignments from the same library in Asta Powerproject have all codes removed, except the code with the lowest ID, and a warning ocnvert given in this situation.

Links Links in Primavera SureTrak have a single lag value, which is always calculated according to the calendar of the activity at the start of the link. Unlike resource curves in Asta Powerproject, all resource curves in Primavera software have 20 points.

  IEC 60891 PDF

Calendars Calendars in Primavera software are significantly less sophisticated than they are in Asta Powerproject. The introductory page of the Microsoft Project Export Wizard appears.

Subcontractor” will be created against the task during export. Resources Primavera software has separate hierarchies of resources and skills also known as roles.

Exporting projects to Microsoft Project

Projects and project groups Primavera software has a structure that allows projects within the database to be structured. Primavera software does not support the concept of variable datesso any variable dates within a project are converted into fixed dates during export, based on the date to which the variable date corresponds on the day of export.

Additional data relating to those projects is taken from the corresponding expanded and summary tasks. Cost rates Resources in Microsoft Project can have up to five cost rate tables, with costs that can change over time: These are tasks which are separate from the WBS items, but which are kept in step with them with the Primavera software Schedule command.

Powerlroject names are used more widely in Primavera P3 than they are in Asta Powerproject.

If you choose to export a project using a planning unit of Hours, any day in an Asta Powerproject project with any working time at all is counted as a working day in Primavera P3. Units of measurement Primavera software maintains a table of units of measurement. If this is the case, additional milestones are added to the start or finish of summary groups as required upon export, to act as ‘start’ and ‘finish’ tasks to which the links can be moved.

A summary group without obvious ‘start’ or ‘finish’ tasks, prior to export Post-export: Cost performance index CPI. The “Calendars” folder itself is not exported.

Primavera P3 supports a work breakdown structure with multiple root items. All milestones are therefore converted into the same type during export. Less well-constructed summary groups may not have obvious ‘start’ or ‘finish’ tasks to which a summary’s links can be transferred.

You must find out how this setting is configured in Primavera software before exporting a project, so that you can specify the correct calendar during the export process. If you import a project from Microsoft Project or from a later version, any cost resources that have been created in the project are imported as consumable resources with a cost of zero.


Knowledge Base

Has it happened just once or several times? Estimate at completion EAC. Primavera software does not support duration user-defined fields, so these are exported as floating-point fields and converted into the number of hours represented by the duration.

Resource costs In Primavera software, each resource may have up to five cost rates defined and each allocation of a resource may use any one – and only one – of these five cost rates. Asta Powerproject supports start milestones and finish milestones, while Microsoft Project supports only one type of milestone.

Microsoft Project supports the concept of split tasks: Best regards Mike Testro. Note that this may cause the summary tasks that enclose them to have different start and finish dates in Asta Powerproject.

If such a task is encountered during the export process, a warning is given and the export is stopped. User-defined fields are created according to the following table:. Thanks Mike I got it.

How to import an ‘ASTA Power Project’ schedule – Sablono Support

The work breakdown structure underneath the single WBS root item in an Asta Powerproject project is therefore exported. The error note indicates that you are using an invalid calendar or workpattern that is not used on P3. Resource curves If you import a project that includes powerprlject or more resources curves, the import process imports all resource curves except any that have the same name as a resource curve that exists in the template that you specify during the import.

Primavera software allows working periods to be defined with hour or half hour boundaries only. Note that you can export more than one branch at the same time by CTRL -selecting them before right-clicking.