aBsTRacT. INTRODUCTION: The Constant Score (CS), developed as a . centimetre “paper” visual scale both for pain and for .. Constant CR, Murley AHG. Home / Free online Constant Shoulder Score calculator The Constant-Murley score contains both physician-completed and patient-reported portions. The four . : Datum: Constant-Murley Scale. Schoudergewricht. Datum. ______. ______. ______. Pijn. – geen. – mild. ______.

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The purpose of the current study was to perform a systematic literature review and a standardized evaluation of the CMS properties. Results show that the use of the Constant-Murley score yields more accurate results, if the results of the affected side are compared with the performance of the unaffected side instead of a comparison against parameters of age and sex-matched groups.

It assesses the concept and measurement model of a scale as well as the attributes of reliability, validity and responsiveness to change, among others; and it has been previously used in the evaluation of different PRO scales [ 18 constabt 20 ]. How should we use the constant score? Articles presenting information on the development process, the psychometric properties and the administration of the CMS tool were eligible for inclusion. And finally arm positioning: This article does not contain any studies with human participants performed by any of the authors.

For every pound that can be carried 1 point is assigned, with a maximum of 25 points.


It uses objective and subjective measures to determine whether a certain functional movement is possible e. A visual analog scale VAS was suggested for the pain item, and part constamt the ADL questions and specific instructions on how to evaluate the strength component were presented. Fractures and various pathologies also scored over the established threshold but information, particularly on data collection methods, was not sufficient.

El test de Constant-Murley.

Movement away from the central axis. The subacromial pathology evaluators also assessed the concept and measurement model attribute based on the two publications written by the original CMS author.

When one uses the original values to calculate the relative Murlet score, one may overestimate the shoulder function in women older than 40 years and men over 60 years. The CMS scale assesses four aspects related to shoulder pathology; two subjective: This evaluation was based on an article presenting a totally self-administered CMS tool. The strength component is given 25 points.

Constant-Murley Shoulder Outcome Score – Physiopedia

In general, assigned scores were low. Same for if the patient is unable to achieve 90 degrees of elevation. The list of all considered publications is presented in Online Appendix 2.

The CMS properties were assessed per attribute and overall for each considered group. This was due to the fact that most of the respective publications were evaluating at least one CMS property.

Titles and abstracts were reviewed and finally the included articles were grouped according to patients’ pathologies.


If pain is involved the patient gets 0 points. A systematic and standardized comparison of available instruments. Time needed to complete the Constant-Murley test is between 5 to 7 minutes. It is thus likely that the evaluations of this very group may have been affected by this fact.

Constant Murley Score

Review articles on specific shoulder pathologies were not evaluated per se, but were given to the evaluators for consideration and possible identification of further references on relevant data. A systematic review of the clinimetric properties of measures of habitual physical activity in primary school aged children with cerebral palsy. Articles presenting elaborate data on more than one pathologies were additionally given to the corresponding pathology group evaluators.

For this reason, neither attribute but the concept and measurement modelnor total EMPRO scores were derived. The CMS use is advisable for patients with subacromial pathology. When refering to evidence in academic writing, you should always try to reference the primary original source.

Constant Shoulder Score – Orthopaedic Scores

The score consists of four variables that are used to assess the function of the shoulder. A systematic review of the psychometric properties of the Constant—Murley score. Fractures and arthritis obtained