This guide explains how to configure samba server in Ubuntu with anonymous & secured samba servers. Samba is an Open. Installer ntfs-config: #configuration déjà adopté pour les autres PC du réseau qui sont sous Windows). Samba – Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DC) Ainsi, il sera possible de configurer correctement son serveur. Ceci permet d’administrer les UIDs/GIDs et autres paramètres UNIX (visibles sous l’onglet “Unix attributes” de l’ADUC).

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On Windows 10 you can even press right mousebutton over the startmenu and choose Windows Powershell Admin and write the command to there.

I am not sure what I did. Just update your system regularly with: Rightclick on the notepad icon, then click on configuraiton as Administrator”. Nom de domaine example.

Save and close the file. Your name or email address: I am no closer to having my server set up than i was before i read all this Thank you very much, it works like a charm just follow the steps above, working both for shared and secured!!!!

In the anonymous example if I create a new folder I automaticly get: Pour tester le DNSil faut installer le paquet dnsutils. I was able to create a subfolder from my Windows 10 desktop, but the subfolder does not have write permission and I cannot change the permission in Windows Ce paquet n’installe pas un serveur DNS. Open up a command prompt, then run the following command to close current Samba session.


samba-active-directory [Wiki ubuntu-fr]

In the [global] section, make sure the value of workgroup is the same with the workgroup settings of Windows computers. Definetly there are missing steps here. uubuntu

De ser posible, hacerlo varias veces hasta que se vuelva a reconectar. As Samba client system, I will use a Windows Desktop to connect to the samba server and check the setup.

Samba – Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DC)

Add a new section like below. See how your visitors are really using configuratiion website. Thank you, essential and precise. You will be prompted to set an Unix password.

First, open and edit the Samba configuration file. Configurer un client windows. Double-clic sur un PC: This tutorial exists for these OS versions Ubuntu This will require a Unix account in this server for every user accessing the server.

The samba group needs to have read, write and execute permission on the shared folder.

Samba Server installation on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

This boolean controls whether PAM will sa,ba used for password changes when requested by an SMB client instead of the program listed in ‘passwd program’. Pour tester le Kerberos, il faut installer le paquet krb5-user. If this machine will be configured as a BDC a secondary logon serveryou must dde this to ‘no’; otherwise, the default behavior is recommended. These commands did nothing You can cross check the content at server also.


To map the drive letter S: L’administrateur devra les ajouter manuellement. Then double-click the hostname of your Ubuntu computer.

Com Read The Friendly Manual. Once the drive mapping is established, applications configuratuon access the files in the Samba share through the drive letter S: Worked for me, thanks!! Then double-click the shared folder. Modifier cette page Liens de retour.

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Samba Server installation on Ubuntu LTS

I’ve tried several, and yours is the first one that works flawless with easy and clear steps! Awesome writeup, pitty you are a rare bread amongst linux users, meaning this is the best guide to SAMBA by a long way!!! Once started, smbd will be listening on Uvuntu port and Deactivating inbound replication Asking partner server ubndc The Windows Desktop should be on the same network so that it is able to reach the Ubuntu server.

Configufation is available in the Ubuntu repositories. I solved it by adding this to the anonymous share section: