The Conditions of “La ilaha illa Allah”. For a convert, the first step to enter Islam is to say ” an la ilaha illa Allah, wa anna Mohammadan. Birmingham Mini Conference Abu Abdillaah Hasan translates the work of Shaykh Ul-Islaam Muhammad ibn Abdil Wahhaab, wherein he was asked. ‘Abd al-Mushin al-Badr mentions that our Righteous Ancestors (al-Salaf al-Salih) used to highlight the critical importance of the conditions of La ilaha ill Allah.

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So the Messenger made it a condition for his success and entrance into Paradise that he was truthful. They think to deceive Allah condituons those who believe, but they deceive not except themselves and perceive it not. Or are they Muslims for the sake of Allah and therefore whatever Allah dislikes they will not do and whatever Allah is pleased with what they do?

No, indeed, the shahaadah must be your banner until your death. Truthfulness Sidq The Sixth Condition: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Conditions of La Ilaha Illa Allah

They should reject all false deities and direct all forms of worship to Allah the Glorious Alone. So everyone who worships other than Allaah along with Him, then in reality he worships his own desire.

When one testifies to something, one must know what it is that he is testifying concerns. We answer them by saying that everyone is entrusted to learn Tawheed, for which Allah The Most High created both the Jinn and the Ince mankindand sent all His Prophets and Messengers to call to. They will face a painful punishment due to their lying.

Although not all of these forms may necessarily be considered apostasy, they are still very dangerous. The scholars referred to the previous Ayah and others like it as evidence to prove that the first obligation on a person is to know Allah Almighty.

We must not do it for any other reason. When Allah orders us to do something, like bear witness to the faith, we should realise that that thing is pleasing to Allah and, therefore, out of our love for Allah, we should be very pleased to do the acts that are pleasing to Allah. Allah azawajal addresses him in the Quran and says: But do not forget, they are still sinners.


Whoever refuses to accept the shahadah and its implications, even if he knows that it is true and certain about its truth, than he is a disbeliever. This site uses cookies. Yet can you imagine that there is a Muslim country in the world that until recently used to have a yearly weeklong celebration to “the Gods of the Sea”!

That is to say they should know in their hearts what they gave witness to with their tongues. Yet, when they return to their homes, because llaha is not pleasing to their families who want to mix between men and women, they easily, simply and happily compromise their religion for the sake of their parents. Sometimes a brother, here in the U.

We actually mean it. Verily, this is a curious thing! But, in fact, if one actually takes the time to study the history and preservation of hadithone will immediately recognise that all those claims and charges against the hadith are not based on anything scientific whatsoever. This kind of behavior is the antithesis of the behavior of the true Muslims. All along they call themselves Muslims and they make the shahadah numerous times a day.

A lot of nonsense and falsehood are posted on those newsgroups and bulletin boards. Who then will guide him after Allaah?

Seven Conditions of ‘La ilaha ‘illa Allaah’ – Hafidh al-Hakami «

If there is anything in Islaam that their families do not like- although their families are Muslim and therefore they actually should like all of Islaam- then they do not practice that aspect of Islaam. That is the example of the one who has understanding of the Deen and benefits from what Allaah sent me with, so he learns it and teaches it and the example of he whocannot raise his head due to it and illa,lah not accept the guidance of Allaah with which I have been sent.


Some people from the Muslim world practice Islam to the extent that it is pleasing to their families.

In fact, the shahaadah itself is a testimony. They think that there is nothing wrong with secularism!

Just like how Christians mistakenly believe that once they believe in Jesus, they will go to heaven even if they did the most horrible things. When Allaah orders us to do something, like bear witness to the faith, we should realize that that thing is pleasing to Allaah and, therefore, out of our love for Allaah, we should be very pleased to do the acts that are pleasing to Allaah. Dear brothers and sisters, these are the conditions of the shahaadah.

So anyone who fulfils all these conditions, has gained the light with which he worships Allah azawajal and he has ultimately followed the right and straight path. The believer accepts whatever the implications of the shahadah are.

The Conditions of “La ilaha illa Allah”

Acceptance Qabul The Fourth Condition: Indeed, our shahadah or testimony of faith must be implemented or realised in our hearts, tongues and actions. Our hearts must not be wavering in any way when we testify to the truth of, “There is none worthy of worship except Allaah.

This means, in fact, no matter how well he knows and can rattle off these conditions, he, in fact, is not fulfilling them. They think they will be granted Paradise because of this mere verbal statement of the Shahadah. There is no question that the mere saying of,” I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger,” is not sufficient for salvation.