The Wehrmacht is a German army featured in Company of Heroes. Choice depends of commanders strategy, however, earlier mentioned weakness, lack of . What is the main strategy/focus of the wehrmacht? What are good commanders and why? (I tried to search some guides, but most of them are. ?show=page&name= company-of-heroes-wehrmacht-bud-t3-t4-strategy-guide-.

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MG42’s are the best MG in the entire game, they are the staple unit for Wehr, any wrhrmacht Wehr player knows that.

The Commonwealth faction is probably the least intuitive of all the factions.

Beginner’s Guide to Wehrmacht – Company of Heroes –

If cohh have multiple squads and he does too, order all of yours to attack one of his. You usually only NEED up to vet 2 for infantry, sometimes vet 3 is good though, support and vehicle vet are far from worth it, and tank vet 3 is goodif you’re going for a heavy late game armor strategy.

Mjp11 Aug 4, Wehrmacht is the most munition dependant faction, and needs it to use it’s wide variety of powerful abilities and upgrades. The british can deal with them too easily via use of mortars and Riflenades. The Wehrmacht has more infantry units as compared to gide allied factions.

Boards Company of Heroes: Machine Guns are an invaluable tool.

Company of Heroes

There are three resources, manpower, fuel, and munitions. Everything is good to have,really Usually their vet is referred to as “O” or “D”. The units above, with others already existing on the battlefield can advance into enemy territory almost without fear, destroying enemy resistance points with mobile artillery. It is more important to capture resource points early-on, then focus on controlling victory points.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Company of Heroes: Support Vet Strategy Welcome to my first real, concentrated effort into developing a strategy that works equally effectively against both the United States and British armies Try to close in with them. These however, require line of sight. Krieg Barracks The Krieg Barracks is the second unit production building for the Wehrmacht more commonly known as ‘Tier 2’ and allows them to build Grenadiers that are a more expensive and power version of Volksgrenadiers, the Log In Sign Up.


The more fuel you coj, the sooner you can get to bigger, stronger units in the late-game and research powerful upgrades for your units. Finally, another Passive Defense that operates differently from the others:.

You must babysit them, but they are well worth it. The Wehrmacht is capable of fielding 18 different units: These are fairly critical early-on, but as the enemy researches upgrades they are nullified entirely by grenades flame grenades from PE, regular grenades from wehrmacht grenadiers.

They can choose offenseive or defensive vet. Firstly, all Volksgrenadier squads are now able to fire Panzerfausts. Stop digging up your ass and pulling crap out.

Wehrmacht Strategies – Company of Heroes –

Keep them with your main force, never use them alone. If your opponent has a blob of infantry, cloak and hold fire. At-a-glance, defensive vet seems great, but offensive G43 squads and offensive Fallshirmjager squads a doctrinal unit are the most powerful infantry they have, demolishing entire squads of infantry in seconds. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Generally, it is very rarely seen on the battlefield, but it has several useful abilities.

Pioneers are very cheap, but are unable to effectively fight against any enemy they meet. The most unique aspect of this game compared to other games is the retreat mechanic. When you are making shoots with sniper make sure to move him to another position,take units in buildings,don’t wehrmadht him in buildings too much since there are many ways to be killed in buildings.


Fundamentals and faction introductions for playing multiplayer Company of Heroes. Your PE 1v1 flowchart helped me out a bunch 2. Forgot your username or password? MGs are easy to take out, veterancy is good but don’t go overboard, and there is almost no reason to even get the Sturm Armory.

Rayquaza Rayquaza 10 years ago 3 Don’t give up hope if there’s an MG in a building and you don’t have blitznades. Since the vast majority of Wehrmacht players these days bunker down Keep me logged in on this device. This doctrine can also call in the Tiger Ace tank Old patches of the game or the mighty, rolling behemoth known as the King Tiger.

This will concentrate all of your firepower on one squad, killing it quickly. The Ostwind flakpanzer aka “the oversized lawnmower” is the most powerful anti-infantry tank in the game.

GBPirate Jan 30, 5: By the time you will learn all about them so don’t worry if you lose many times against Allies. D3exn got mad cuz of losing by 1 VP. They come in 3 units,they can’t be killed with one sniper shoot,they have big health,have mp42’s,deal massive damage to units,but the problem is they are somehow expensive,you get them at late state game,no opportunity to fight armor,so Veterancy is what make the Wehrmacht the 1 faction used by pros lol, just lol.

I’m nearly the top of the 1v1 ladder for them, and I’m working on the 2v2 ladder as well, just for fun.